Dimitri De Weerdt talks about his work at Multi Masters Group: “I’ve never met anyone here who said, ‘No, you can’t do this’.”

Dimitri De Weerdt started to work at Multi Masters Group in 2017. He took that ‘Multi’ literally: in only two years time he built a dreamed career within Cleaning Masters, to finally end up at the IT department of Multi Masters Group as a software developer. A remarkable career path he would like to tell you more about!

How did you end up at Multi Masters Group?

Dimitri De Weerdt: The shop where I worked as a salesman went bankrupt in 2017. That’s when I decided to do something completely different. Some family members had been working at Multi Masters Group for years. They advised me to come here. That advice sounded attractive: a well-paid job, a nice family business and the prospect of a permanent contract. So I did not have to hesitate long!

Work at Multi Masters Group, Dimitri knows all about it
Dimitri working as software developer.

Good relationship between the employees and the company

The click with Multi Masters Group was there right away?

Definitely. I first started as an industrial cleaner at Cleaning Masters, the cleaning company of the Multi Masters Group. What struck me immediately was the good relationship between the employees and the company. But also in the workplace there was a good atmosphere. Keeping appointments, politeness, collegiality: those things make the difference. Personally, I find that very important, so I automatically showed extra commitment. Just ask my inspectors back then, I never missed a day! (laughs) Actually, I always enjoyed coming to work at Multi Masters Group, it’s no different now than it was back then.

“Most companies don’t
just give you the chance
to prove yourself.”

Within Cleaning Masters you made the transition from industrial cleaner to crane operator.

That’s right! The tasks of an industrial cleaner are not simple, but my insight and commitment were appreciated. After only three months I got the chance to work as a substitute crane operator. Soon I was able to start working for a permanent team. With the arrival of a new site manager, I was promoted to the position of brigadier. In this position, I kept an overview of the site, helped out where necessary and helped to draw up the planning.

Work at Multi Masters Group: Dimitri working as a crane operator.
Dimitri working as crane operator.

You were given more responsibility in a short space of time. What was that like?

I could already count on ten years of experience in sales, but this was something different, of course. Still, I had to give it a try. After all, you only regret opportunities you don’t take. Moreover, I was always encouraged here. That in itself is a great motivation to keep developing yourself.

Work with computers

Still, your main interest was in computers and IT.

That is indeed one of my greatest hobbies. Since I was eight years old, I have loved gaming and computers in general. Opening up a PC, cleaning it, installing new parts: you could always come to me for that. I even dabbled in electronic music for a few years and released two EPs. So computers have always been a big part of my life.

How did you end up working in the IT department?

Quite by chance actually. I had just started as a brigadier when I passed the IT department to pick up a laptop and mobile phone. I saw a very good computer processor lying on the table and remarked jokingly: “What kind of rubbish is this?”. That’s how I got talking to Gert from IT. He immediately saw my interest and told me that there was a vacancy.
That appealed to me, even though I had just started to work in a new position within Multi Masters Group. However, my site manager and the management of Cleaning Masters and IT never made a problem of it. We made good arrangements and eventually I applied.

But actually, back then you had no experience as a software developer.

Indeed, I had very little knowledge of programming. That is why I had to take a test before applying. Of course I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Most companies do not give you the chance to prove yourself by doing. IT manager Erik did give me the confidence.

Digital tools of Multi Masters Group

That commitment paid off.

That’s right, I got the job! The first months at IT I mainly worked in support. I was also given time to learn and to gain experience. Now, a year later, I am a full-time software developer. In that position I develop and optimise certain digital tools of Multi Masters Group. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I’m lucky that my hobby is now also my job.

“With common sense and
willpower, you can get very
far at Multi Masters Group.”

How do you look back on your career at Multi Masters Group?

From industrial cleaner to crane operator to software developer: it was quite a journey. In two years time, I got a lot of opportunities. Of course I always showed 110% commitment, but in the end that was well rewarded. Here, nobody ever said “No, you can’t do this”. So you don’t have to be an exceptional genius to grow here. At Multi Masters Group, with a little common sense and willpower you can get very far.

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