Etex chooses external cleaning partner for the first time: “Cleaning Masters really understands us”

“I feel like we’re collaborating with a partner who truly understands us.” Those are the words of Stijn Van Hoof, Facility Manager at Etex. And by that partner, Stijn naturally means Cleaning Masters. Our cleaning division now takes care of the regular cleaning and window washing of 8 buildings. But that didn’t happen by itself because for Etex, Cleaning Masters was the first external cleaning partner it engaged.

Stijn Van Hoof - facility manager - Etex

Evolution towards a total offering of construction solutions

The name Eternit rings a bell with many people. The fiber cement factory was founded in 1905, but now we speak of Etex and several new departments have been added. “As a result, we now speak not only of fiber cement boards, but of a total offering of construction solutions ranging from lightweight and modular constructions. From cladding, facade, roof, and terrace applications to high-quality fire protection and insulation for construction and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applications.”

First external cleaning partner for Etex

What characterizes Etex and Multi Masters Group is their sense of family. This initially also meant that Etex had not yet worked with an external cleaning partner. “The fact that we are such a familial and close-knit team also makes it difficult to allow an external partner in our teams. To really dare to change. Cleaning Masters helped us make that ‘change story’ come true and showed a lot of patience in doing so.”

Stijn Van Hoof (Facility manager Etex)

Previously, Etex still worked with an internal cleaning team. “But it was very difficult for our cleaning coordinator to manage everything. We had a problem with quality control, operations, and budget. We systematically tried to make the switch to an external partner. And that worked out well.”

Convincingly successful

The fact that Cleaning Masters was the first cleaning partner at Etex naturally meant that everyone was looked at with an extra eye in the first few months. “Cleaning Masters moved heaven and earth to do a lot of work during the Christmas holidays. We appreciate that we were served flawlessly and optimally to start everything in the new year. To succeed so convincingly is extra positive.”

Reliable partnership with Cleaning Masters

For Stijn, it was important to find a partner he could truly rely on. “We consciously weren’t looking for the cheapest ‘one-shotter’. The values and norms within Etex are connect and care: taking care of each other and finding harmony in the organization. We radiate that feeling towards our partners and also look for it in our partners.”

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