Green Masters’ safety efforts rewarded with new VCA certificate

In addition to a qualitative service, safety is one of the top priorities at Multi Masters Group, and therefore also at Green Masters. The specialist in professional green maintenance for companies successfully underwent a VCA recertification audit by SGS a few weeks ago. We recently received the new VCA* certificate.

Green Masters handles safety consciously

“This certificate is actually the reward for our daily attention to safety”, says Kim Van Leemput. He is prevention advisor level 2 at Multi Masters Group and supervised the audit. “During the audit, both theory and practice were thoroughly examined. During the theoretical part, the auditor checked whether all the documents are in order. The policy statement, work instructions, have the employees received the right training, is the medical supervision in order, and so on.”

Green Masters safety - new VCA certificate

“On the second day, the auditor visited some of our customers, including some shopping centres where Green Masters does the greenery maintenance. These site visits serve to check whether our people on the shop floor are putting the theory into practice correctly. Do they wear the right protective equipment, do they work according to the right methods, do they take care of their machines and materials,… Besides the site visits, the auditor also took a look at our new warehouse on the Oostkaai in Merksem. So you could say that on those two days our entire organisation was checked.”

0 accidents at work

Green Masters passed the audit with flying colours. Attention to safety is in Green Masters’ DNA. “That’s right and we are very proud with this new VCA* certificate. But we are even prouder of the fact that we haven’t had a single work accident for over a year and a half now.”

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