JAVA Foodservice about cleaning and green maintenance: “Multi Masters Group offers continuity and structure”

JAVA Foodservice has been working with Multi Masters Group since last year. What does the food company think of this partnership with the facilities service provider? We asked Gunther Robeets, facilities coordinator at JAVA Foodservice.

Gunther Robeets, facilities coordinator at JAVA Foodservice (where Multi Masters Group looks after the office cleaning and the green and parking maintenance).
Gunther Robeets (facilities coordinator at JAVA Foodservice)

JAVA Foodservice is a food company with 95 years of experience. It belongs to the top of the Belgian foodservice market. For the past five years, JAVA Foodservice has been part of the international Sligro Food Group.

JAVA Foodservice seeks quality and know-how

Our cleaning division Cleaning Masters executes the office cleaning at JAVA Foodservice. Green Masters takes care of the green and parking maintenance. The first contact took place in 2019. “At the time we were looking for an external cleaning partner,” says Gunther Robeets, who had specific expectations for the new cleaning company. “Quality and know-how. Compared to other cleaning companies, Multi Masters Group was a clear winner in meeting our expectations.”

“Multi Masters Group clearly makes a lot of extra efforts to unburden the client as much as possible.”

One contact for all services

One of JAVA Foodservice’s buildings in Rotselaar is located at the edge of a forest. So Robeets and co. also joined forces with Green Masters for the pruning and maintenance of the parking area. The contact for the different services goes through one person. “When some urgens matter arises, I can always reach her directly on her cell phone. Within 24 hours, a solution or a response is provided to any situation.”

Cleaning Masters - office cleaning at JAVA Foodservice

The cooperation between Multi Masters Group and JAVA Foodservice started in 2020, amid the corona crisis. This immediately gave the cleaning staff the opportunity to show one of their other strengths: flexibility. “Because of their flexible approach, we were able to preserve operational continuity for our employees.”

Price-quality ratio

Would you also like to know what Gunther Robeets of JAVA Foodservice had to say about the price-quality ratio of Multi Masters Group, about what else he expects from a facilities service provider and about how the fight against corona was handled? Then read Gunther Robeets’ full testimonial via this link.

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