Litter campaign in Antwerp yields great result: over 995 kg of litter cleared on World Cleanup Day

The River Cleanup organisation’s litter campaign on World Cleanup Day was a success. Along the banks of the Scheldt, nearly 200 volunteers collected over 995 kg of litter on World Cleanup Day (17 September).

Nearly 200 volunteers showed up for River Cleanup's litter campaign on World Cleanup Day in Antwerp (September 17 2022).

Litter campaign raises awareness

Multi Masters Group, partner of the River Cleanup organisation, sent a delegation of some 40 staff members and their families. “It is enriching, especially towards awareness,” says Maxime Mintiens. In daily life, he is IFM manager at Multi Masters Group. On World Cleanup Day, he turns into an enthusiastic ‘River Warrior’.

“A litter campaign like this triggers something in people. From the moment you pick up the first piece of litter, you realise that this is a big problem.”

Litter campaign on the banks of the Scheldt river. Mark and Maxime of Multi Masters Group take part in the event.

More than just financial support

Maxime’s colleague Mark Beckers joins him. “Multi Masters Group is one of the structural partners of the organisation River Cleanup. When Thomas De Groote asked us for support about four years ago, we did not hesitate for a moment. But more importantly, we want to do more than just give financial support. Therefore, we are happy to actively contribute with our team to the success of a litter campaign like this one.”

And it showed. The ‘multi masters’ took on the litter in the Scheldt bend. Plastic, wood, metal, glass, it all disappeared into the rubbish bags and waste containers. This joint effort also turned World Cleanup Day into a successful teambuilding event for Multi Masters Group.

Glenn of Multi Masters Group is very happy with the result of the litter campaign in Antwerp on World Cleanup Day 2022.

Circular economy

For the first time Multi Masters Group participated together with one of its partners, Renewi. This waste specialist takes care of processing the collected litter. “We ensure that what to many is waste is still given a new life. In this way, we are a bridge builder for the circular economy,” says Sofie De Vlieger of Renewi.

The Multi Masters Group's team that took part on the litter campaign in Antwerp on World Cleanup Day (17th of September 2022).

Would you also like to take part in a litter campaign?

River Cleanup has already organised 3,070 litter events worldwide. As much as 2,860,719 kg of litter was collected in the process. But the battle is far from over. The litter problem is far from solved. That is why River Cleanup continues its fight unabated. So you too can definitely take part in a River Cleanup one day. The full programme can be found on this website.

Multi Masters Group not only supports River Cleanup. Would you like to know what else we do to promote our company values?

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