Logistics Essers: “Multi Masters Group soon appeared to be the best choice”

Logistics company H. Essers has relied on various divisions of Multi Masters Group for its facility services for years. But how do you know if one of your biggest customers is satisfied with your services? Simple, you just ask him. Christophe Ceusters (purchase manager at logistics Essers) is happy to talk to us.

Anyone in Belgium who thinks of logistics immediately thinks of H. Essers. The Limburg family business (head office in Genk) is specialised in integrated transport services and logistics solutions. Throughout Europe, you will come across the recognisable red trucks with white lettering. H. Essers provides transport for companies in the chemical sector, the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector.

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Cleaning at logistics company Essers

Our cleaning company Cleaning Masters has been taking care of the cleaning at one of H. Essers’ sites for a long time now. In 2012 the logistics company went looking for a permanent partner for the cleaning of all its sites. “We compared several facility companies, but it soon became clear that Multi Masters Group was the best choice,” says Christophe Ceusters.

Green maintenance and technical maintenance

A few years ago the logistics company was also looking for a partner for green maintenance and technical maintenance. Through Cleaning Masters H. Essers got to know two other divisions of Multi Masters Group: Green Masters and Techni Masters. “That’s how Multi Masters Group has grown over the years into a full-fledged supplier.”

Sustainable partnership

What are the strengths of Multi Masters Group that made a huge company like H. Essers choose for a sustainable partnership with the facility service provider? Christophe Ceusters can name a few. He especially notices that a number of H. Essers’ priorities match those of Multi Masters Group. You can read about these assets in the extensive interview with Christophe Ceusters.

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