Mobility Masters chooses electric cars for Brussels Airport

With the purchase of 4 fully electric cars, Mobility Masters has started to green its fleet. The new Citroën ë-Jumpy ëlectric cars will be deployed at Brussels Airport, where Mobility Masters cleans 30,000 aircraft annually. “With these four new electric cars the cleaning teams of Mobility Masters will be able to move smoothly and above all in an environmentally friendly way across the tarmac,” says Luk Hermans, manager of Mobility Masters.

Mobility Masters invests in electric cars for its aircraft cleaning activities at Brussels Airport.

Sustainability is a major trend in aviation too

Mobility Masters, the Belgian market leader in the field of cleaning all types of vehicles, is responding to the general social evolution towards more sustainable solutions. “This trend is also evident in aviation. Think for instance of the Stargate project of Brussels Airport in which the emphasis lies on the decarbonisation of the airport activities and the improvement of the environmental quality. Or the ambition of Brussels Airlines to emit half as much CO2 by 2050 as it did in 2019.”

Mobility Masters - electric cars - Brussels Airport

Mobility Masters responds to new legislation on electric cars

With the purchase of the electric cars, Mobility Masters is responding to Belgian legislation that encourages companies to make the switch to electric company cars by 2026. “In the future, the requirements for being allowed to work at the airport will also be tightened. Electric cars will be part of that. Within Mobility Masters we have decided not to wait for these changes. We think the time has come to take the step to electric cars.”

“Moreover, the Citroën ë-Jumpy ë-electric is extremely suitable for our activities at the airport. It has a long range, fast charging time, quiet engine and convenient room layout for both our employees and their equipment. With these cars, we are not only taking a step forward in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of service.”

If you want to know more about the sustainable initiatives of Mobility Masters and Multi Masters Group, please click this link.

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