Multi Masters Group moves to brand new building in Flémalle

Multi Masters Group has not been resting on its laurels this summer: in Flémalle near Liège, the facilities services provider moved into a brand-new building. This was built right next to the old building, on the Parc Industriel d’Ivoz-Ramet. Barent Bulcke of BBSC Architects led the project and explains the choices made. “Sustainability is central. Both in terms of well-being and ecology.”

Multi Masters Group's new building in Flemalle, near Liège.

Why needs Multi Masters Group a new building in Flémalle?

“Our company has grown considerably in recent years, so our buildings need to grow with it,” says Managing director Philip Paelinck. “Our cleaning company Cleaning Masters has been based at Parc Industriel d’Ivoz Ramet in Flémalle for many years. But in the meantime we have grown into Multi Masters Group, a company that offers a complete range of facility services. In addition to cleaning, this includes green space maintenance, pest control, technical maintenance, security and so on. Our customers can now turn to one location for all those services.”


During construction, attention was paid to people and the environment. “Sustainability is central, both in terms of well-being and ecology,” says Barent Bulcke. “On the one hand, we have to think about how to make people work in a more productive and pleasant way. On the other hand, we should not assume that our planet can cope with just anything and we must go a step further than the ecological norm dictates.”

Multi Masters new building in Flémalle (Liège) - meeting room

In numerous ways, the architect has started working on this. “High-performance insulation, solar panels, recovery and efficient use of rainwater, special taps for hot and sparkling water, extra parking for electric cars and bicycles, plenty of plants in the building and so on.”


In addition to ecological initiatives in the new building in Flémalle, Barent Bulcke also took into account the well-being of employees. “When designing the new building, we made sure that every employee gets as much daylight, visibility, and space as possible. Acoustics and ergonomics were also thoroughly considered. The masters can work both standing and sitting at their desks. And besides working space, there is of course also a cafeteria where they can relax during breaks.”

Multi Masters Group new building Flémalle (Liège) - kitchen

Not just Flémalle: Multi Masters Group also builds new building in Roeselare and Merksem

The new building in Flémalle is not Multi Masters Group’s only construction project. In autumn 2022, the West Flanders team moved to the Krommebeekpark in Roeselare. And in the meantime, plans are being forged for the construction of a new headquarters in Merksem. “In the new headquarters, the sustainability requirements are even higher since we are talking about a much larger surface area. So, there we will go a step further.”

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