Multi Masters Group moves to new building in Roeselare: “Sustainability and synergies”

The time has come: on Wednesday, November 16, Multi Masters Group West Flanders has moved to the new building in Roeselare. The starting point for even better services and a stronger CSR policy! Our new address: Krommebeekpark 29 in Roeselare, along the R32 ring road at the northern edge of Roeselare.

Facility services provider Multi Masters Group has moved to a new building in Roeselare.

IFM partner

For over 20 years, Multi Masters Group’s regional head office in West Flanders had been located at the same spot. Since then, Multi Masters Group has increasingly evolved into an IFM (Integrated Facility Management) partner. Naturally, this was accompanied by the necessary expansions and additional services.

Multi Masters Group’s new building in Roeselare accommodates all divisions

In order to fully support this IFM approach, Multi Masters Group now bundles several Masters under one roof. Not only Cleaning Masters, but also our other departments such as Green Masters, Techni Masters, Security Masters, … find a brand new office there.

Manager Benjamin De Reviere explains the expansion: “The intention is that all departments now have a real base, which was not the case before. The new building has a lot of extra rooms. We have many more consulting rooms, meeting rooms, a separate office for human resources, more spaces to organize large meetings, training rooms and a structured, large warehouse.”

Multi Masters Group has opened a new building in Roeselare.

Opening of the new building of Multi Masters Group in Roeselare

Wednesday 16 November was D-Day: the final move to the new building. In order not to let this beautiful moment just pass by, our customers at Multi Masters Group could also join in. “On Friday 18 November, we will organize an opening reception. Then we will invite our customers to come and take a look at our new building!”

Sustainability is key

With the new building, Multi Masters Group is also strengthening its CSR policy. “On the one hand, according to the new building standards, we are obliged to achieve a certain EPC value. So let’s say it’s a very well insulated building,” says OPEX manager Rob Vleugels.

“On the other hand, we also take a lot of initiatives ourselves. With the solar panel installation, we provide our own electricity. More than that, the panels are linked to a battery, allowing us to store excess power and use it again ourselves.”

Facility services provider Multi Masters Group moved to a new building in Roeselare (Krommebeekpark 29).

Thinking further

Multi Masters Group also thought about the details. “In the kitchen, we invest in a water tap that provides both drinkable water, sparkling water and hot water. What does that have to do with sustainability? Well, that way we don’t have to buy extra plastic bottles, we have no waste and we avoid car trips to the supermarket.”

“There is also LED lighting everywhere, we have automatic flushers at the urinals and there are sun blinds that ensure we have to cool less during the summer period. For electric cars charging stations have been provided and employees who come by electric bike will also have a bike shed with sockets.”

Flémalle follows the good example

Not only our masters in the West Flanders region will get a brand new building, we also started building in Flémalle (Liège). “There, the first shovel has just been put into the ground and we are ready to start the new project!”, says Rob Vleugels.

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