Facilities sector trends for 2022 (part 3): evolution towards IFM

When we talk about the trends for 2022 in the facilities sector, we cannot ignore the evolution towards IFM projects or Integrated Facility Management projects. In other words, projects in which all facilities services are entrusted to a single partner.

Cleaning lady and handyman

We have seen an enormous evolution in facilities services in recent decades. In the past, many companies employed one or more people to take care of cleaning. In addition, there was someone who looked after the greenery at the entrance, watered the plants and did some minor repairs from time to time.

Later, people realised that these facilities services require the necessary specialisation. After all, a company‘s building is an important part of its image. The care for that building must therefore also be given the necessary attention.

Outsourcing facilities services

The need for specialised services made the facility manager of a company look for external partners. This led to the outsourcing of facilities services to all sorts of companies: a cleaning company, a green maintenance company, a security company, a company specialised in technical maintenance, etc.

Facilities sector trends for 2022 : evolution towards IFM or Integrated Facility Management.

This approach has the advantage that all facilities services are in the hands of professionals. The big disadvantage is that the facility manager still has to spend a lot of time on the operational side. And on maintaining good contacts with all partners.

Evolution towards IFM is one of the trends for 2022 in facilities services

In recent years, more and more companies are evolving towards IFM projects. All facilities services are assigned to one facilities partner. A service provider that manages to offer all services in-house, like Multi Masters Group. This has many advantages.

1 contact for all services

An IFM partner assigns you one contact person. If you have a question, you contact that SPOC (single point of contact). He then takes care of an appropriate follow-up, whether it concerns cleaning, security, green maintenance, pest control or any other service. “If I have an urgent question, one phone call is enough,” says Luc Tillemans, Senior Manager Operations of Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), about the cooperation with Multi Masters Group. “And I don’t have to wait a month and I get help as quickly as possible. Nowadays that is quite rare.”

Total unburderning

If your facilities partner takes over all services, this will affect the role of the facility manager. He can then indulge himself more in the strategic area. “When you hire a facility service provider, you want to have as little to do yourself as possible. Multi Masters Group understood that very well: you notice that they go the extra mile to relieve you as much as possible”, says Gunther Robeets, facilities coordinator at JAVA Foodservice.

The follow-up, the quality, the continuity, everything is guaranteed when you choose an IFM partner. That confirms Luc Van Eester, Hospitality manager at Senior Living Group. “Multi Masters Group not only looks after my own team, but also after the management of all residential care centres.”

Are you interested in a partnership with an IFM partner like Multi Masters Group, please contact us.

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