Senior Living Group is very happy about the cooperation with
Multi Masters Group

“Juste like us, Multi Masters Group is
strongly committed to corporate social responsibility”

Luc Van Eester en David De Mol van Senior Living Group zijn heel tevreden over de samenwerking met Multi Masters Group.
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Senior Living Group runs 120 nursing homes and service residences in Belgium as well as an organisation for care at home. Since 2018, Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters have been performing extraction hood cleaning, glass washing and pest control work on all the above-mentioned locations. This obviously involves special cooperation between two major Belgian players. Luc Van Eester and David De Mol of Senior Living Group tell the story.

In good hands

‘Quality of life’ is a core consideration for Senior Living Group’s residents and clients. Based on this vision, they have chosen the high-quality services provided by Cleaning Masters and Hygi Masters. Purchase Manager David De Mol explains: our residents’ quality of life has consistently been at the very heart of our operations. That’s what our ‘Caring Hands’ mission is all about. Our approach is based on what residents are still capable of. Thus, we encourage them to get the best life possible. This vision can be seen in every aspect of the care we provide.”

Notwithstanding the group’s international expansion ambitions in the Netherlands and Spain, they successfully maintain a local, personal approach. “The management of each nursing home operates very independently. Senior Living Group’s role is mainly that of a coordinating umbrella organisation, taking care, among other things, of facility services”, adds Luc Van Eester, the Hospitality Manager in charge of ensuring the qualitative performance of facility work in the Belgian nursing homes of Senior Living Group.

For window cleaning, Senior Living Group has a cooperation with Cleaning Masters, one of the ten divisions of Multi Masters Group.

Both committed to corporate social responsibility

What Multi Masters Group and Senior Living Group have in common is an ambitious corporate social responsibility policy. Both groups attach a high importance to working with local (Belgian) suppliers. “This is one of the reasons why we chose Multi Masters Group, not only because they are a Belgian company, but also because they share our commitment to corporate social responsibility. Take Cleaning Masters’ EcoVadis label, for instance: this proves that they clean in an environment-friendly way, using harmless products,” says Luc Van Eester. 

“Cleaning Masters always acts in sync with us
when an emergency arises.”

An intense start

The cooperation between Senior Living Group and Multi Masters Group began in 2018. In those days, the group had just taken over several Belgian nursing home companies. “To provide maximum support to the management of these nursing homes, we wanted to introduce central coordination of extraction hood cleaning, glass washing and pest control in all nursing homes. Most of these establishments had already been working with external partners prior to the takeover. Multi Masters Group was one of them. We decided to compare all these service providers”, says David De Mol.“An in-depth tender analysis clearly showed that Multi Masters Group was the best candidate, not only with respect to sustainable business, but also operationally and financially.” 

The 120 nursing homes throughout Flanders and Wallonia each require a specific approach, which obviously is quite a challenge. Drafting a framework agreement was merely a first step, as the real challenge awaited us. Luc Van Eester explains: “The start-up phase between 2018 and 2019 was an intense period. I had frequent meetings with the project manager of Multi Masters Group, Patrick, to draw up and correct the planning. In the beginning, our steps were tentative, but in the end, we really got the process on the rails.” 

For the cleaning of the extractor hoods, Senior Living Group has a cooperation with Hygi Masters, one of the ten divisions of Multi Masters Group.

Specialised cleaning, from extractor hoods to windows

The nursing homes of Senior Living Group serve warm meals daily. For this purpose, they all have their own kitchen. “Cleaning Masters cleans all extractor hoods in those kitchens. According to the law, this must be done annually”, explains Luc Van Eester. Additionally, Hygi Masters performs pest control work in all nursing homes. “This is mainly a preventive measure. The hygi masters place traps in the most critical places and they then closely follow-up the status of the traps.” 

Finally, Cleaning Masters also coordinates glass washing in all nursing homes. “This requires a sensitive approach, as glass washing personnel often needs to access residents’ private accommodation.”  Explains David De Mol: “With regard to the future, this is certainly a point on which we wish to work with Multi Masters Group, e.g., by means of an industry-specific training.  How does one deal with psychogeriatrics residents or with demented senior? None of this is standard practice.”

“Through this direct line, Multi Masters Group eases the work not only for my own team, but also of the management in each nursing home.”

For pest control, Senior Living Group has a cooperation with Hygi Masters, one of the ten divisions of Multi Masters Group.

Quick response

Cleaning in the care industry therefore demands a specific approach. With the Covid crisis, an added dimension was added to this truth. “The employees of our nursing homes are really going to the limits. Especially the latent contamination threat is exhausting. When a section needs to quarantine, all precautionary measures notwithstanding, my team must react quickly. Cleaning Masters always acts in sync with us when an emergency arises. They assist our cleaning teams as quickly as possible to disinfect thoroughly”, says Luc Van Eester.

But, even before 2020, Senior Living Group called in Cleaning Masters when calamities had struck. “For instance, in 2018, when our cooperation was in its early stages, a mudslide prompted by torrential rain hit the city of Liège. One of our nursing homes was in its path. Fortunately, a simple call to Patrick sufficed to mobilise a specialised Cleaning Masters team. Moreover, in the past, when fire had caused smoke and water damage to some of our facilities, Cleaning Masters responded quickly and thoroughly.”

One less worry for Senior Living Group

What is the secret of this fast response time? “I believe the fact that we have a SPOC is a great asset. Our contact Patrick provides a thorough follow-up of everything. Through this direct line, Multi Masters Group eases the work not only of my own team, but also of the management in each nursing home”, concludes Luc Van Eester. 

Senior Living Group

  • Market leader in Belgium in the nursing home industry
  • 8,900 employees provide optimal care to 12,000 residents.
  • Apart from running nursing homes and service residences, SLG is also a specialist in care at home.
  • Part of Korian, a nursing home group operating in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain
  • Works with
    • Cleaning Masters for specialised extractor hood cleaning, glass washing and for the cleaning of our head office.
    • Hygi Masters for pest control
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