Multi-site company: why collaborate with a professional facility services provider?

As a multi-site company, engaging a facility services provider can be an effective and sustainable solution. This way, you can concentrate on your own business activities and gain in efficiency. We give you five good reasons to call in a specialised facility services provider for (preventive) multi-technical maintenance of your sites.

1. You get a professional with real know-how

By calling in a specialist, you can be sure that you are dealing with an expert who is qualified in multi-technical maintenance. Whether it concerns technical maintenance, cleaning, green space maintenance or security, a professional service provider provides the right profiles and continuous training to guarantee a quality service. This also ensures that everything is done in accordance with the regulations.

Multi-site company facility services cleaning Multi Masters Group

Thanks to its MM-Academy, Multi Masters Group continuously focuses on training and developing its talents. This way we make sure our employees are always up-to-date with the latest developments in the sector and we guarantee the necessary quality.

2. You save considerably if you choose one facility services provider for your multi-site company

Working with just one facility services provider for the management and maintenance of all your branches is good for your wallet. You centralise your maintenance and benefit from shared costs.

Multi-site company facility services green maintenance Multi Masters Group

Multi Masters Group will gladly make you a tailored proposal. By looking at your needs together, we know how we can offer a solution for all your branches.

3. Single point of contact for all facility services in all branches in your multi-site company

By entrusting your multitechnical maintenance of your sites to a specialised company, you avoid multiple maintenance contracts with many different companies. Multi Masters Group strives to be ‘partner in life‘ for all its clients. By investing in customer experience, Multi Masters Group is moving to the role of the integrated facility management (IFM) partner: the single point of contact for all facility needs.

Multi-site company facility services industrial cleaning Multi Masters Group

4. You gain responsiveness

With one facility services provider you can be sure that the work is done quickly and efficiently. When placing our masters at clients, we always look at the location. Where possible, Multi Masters Group deploys its employees at locations close to where they live. That way, we guarantee a quick response time in case of emergencies, for example.

Multi-site company facility services technical maintenance Multi Masters Group

Multi Masters Group always focuses on innovation and digitisation. Through our communication platform Multidesk you can follow the planning digitally and report urgent questions or remarks. That way you can be sure of a quick follow-up.

5. Comprehensive

Depending on your needs and the nature of your facilities, your maintenance contract can include several services. The Multi Masters Group offer is tailor-made and guarantees you the same quality of service on all your sites. Our teams respond to your needs from A to Z and can intervene in all your buildings and green sites, each with their own specialised skills.

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