Office cleaning: more and more people want it done during working hours

When would you like people to come and do your office cleaning? During office hours or rather when you are not present? Research has shown a big difference in the answers before and after the corona crisis.

The corona pandemic as a turning point

Before the pandemic, the answers were quite unanimous: almost everyone wanted their workplace cleaned outside office hours. This changed. Workers who have returned to the office after a period of forced teleworking want it to be as hygienic and safe there as at home. Many people realised the importance of a clean working environment after the corona crisis.

Office cleaning during or outside office hours? - Cleaning Masters

A recent poll in Flanders revealed that almost half of respondents want cleaners to clean their offices during working hours. In France, the sector organisation Le Monde de la Propreté conducted a larger-scale survey. This showed that as many as 7 in 10 French people want cleaning to be more visible. During office hours, that is.

Office cleaning during working hours offers numerous advantages

The benefits of cleaning during the day are numerous. Both for cleaning staff and customers.

Office cleaning during or outside office hours? - Cleaning Masters

Positive impact on customer relations and customer satisfaction

Working during the day promotes a closer relationship between the facility services provider and its customer and contributes significantly to user satisfaction. A survey in France by Amnyos commissioned by Fare Propreté and FEP showed that 84% of respondents felt that daytime cleaning of their offices had a direct positive impact on their professional lives.

The benefits of ‘daytime cleaning’ are many:

  • Services performed during office hours allow the customer and/or user to follow up everything more easily and provide immediate feedback on the quality of service. This allows the facility services provider to understand the needs of building users and proactively make necessary adjustments.
  • Working during the day makes the cleaners highly reactive and flexible. In case of an incident, they provide immediate solutions. Thus, they ensure continuous cleanliness during their working hours. Has a cup of coffee been dropped, no problem, the cleaner is nearby and cleans everything up immediately.
  • Preferring daytime office cleaning improves communication between customer and facility services provider and greatly enhances customer relations.
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Better living and working conditions for cleaning staff

Daytime office cleaning offers numerous advantages for the facility services provider’s staff. Cleaners no longer have to work early in the morning or late at night, making the job more attractive:

  • Working during the day is more compatible with a family life.
  • By bringing the cleaning teams out of the shadows and making their work more visible, they feel more appreciated. This has a positive impact on motivation.
  • Cleaning during office hours is safer. Late at night or early in the morning, the cleaner is usually alone in a building. If an accident occurs, there is no one around to offer help. Working during the day offers more security which reduces occupational risks.

These favourable factors result in it becoming easier for facilities services providers to recruit, develop and retain motivated people. Absenteeism and turnover rates will evolve in a positive way.

Cleaning the offices during or outside working hours has a huge impact on the visibility of the cleaning - Cleaning Masters

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Cleaning the office during working hours helps achieve CSR goals. This approach not only promotes the well-being and health of service providers. It is also more environmentally friendly:

  • Cleaning staff working during the day can use public transport. Or are more likely to take their bikes. Car use is thus reduced.
  • Customers optimise the use of their buildings by saving on electricity and by simplifying access and infrastructure security.

Office cleaning during or outside office hours: talk about it with your facilities partner

What is the best option for your business? Cleaning the office during or outside working hours? The best way to find out is to discuss this with your facilities partner. A company like Multi Masters Group will weigh up the pros and cons with you and be happy to help you make the right decision.

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