Discover 11 reasons for outsourcing your company’s green maintenance to a professional partner

Outsourcing your company’s green maintenance to a professional partner: why would you do that? It’s obvious: maintaining green areas at a company requires a lot of knowledge and know-how. Many companies underestimate how important it is to maintain these areas properly and professionally. A well-kept outdoor environment gives a great impression to visitors and also has a positive impact on employees. So outsourcing green maintenance to a professional partner is a smart choice, certainly for these 11 reasons.

1. Extensive knowledge and know-how in green maintenance

Green maintenance requires more knowledge and skills than many people think. It is not just about regularly cutting the grass, but also pruning trees and bushes, taking care of plants and flowers and creating new green spaces. Just to name a few tasks. A professional partner has the necessary knowledge and know-how to carry out green maintenance properly. He knows what techniques, materials and machines are needed for each task. Moreover, a company specialising in green maintenance has qualified people for different, diverse tasks.

Outsourcing green maintenance to a professional partner - Green Masters

2. (Invest in) the right equipment and quality machinery for green maintenance

To carry out green maintenance efficiently, you need good equipment and high-quality machinery. A professional company has sufficient equipment, from standard lawnmowers to larger ride-on mowers, chain saws, brush cutters… This way, the employees carry out your green maintenance in the best possible way. A partner in green maintenance continuously invests in new machines and materials and keeps looking for innovative tools and technologies.

3. Qualified workers

Tailor-made training courses for employees – at Multi Masters Group we put a lot of effort into our MM-Academy – always ensure the best result. Employees are thus also always up to date with the latest developments and techniques in the field of green maintenance.

Qualified people are invaluable for good green maintenance. A professional partner employs trained professionals who get the job done quickly and efficiently. One gardener cannot possibly be good at both lawn mowing, sustainable or ecological weed control, parking area care, pruning and arboriculture, and so on. Each task requires the right specialisation.

A professional company like Green Masters has qualified people in house for each of these tasks, who bring each task to a successful conclusion. Even your winter services are in good hands with Green Masters.

4. Safety is at the centre of green maintenance

Green maintenance can be dangerous if not carried out in the right way. A professional partner performs all tasks in a safe manner. He uses the right protective materials and clothing and follows the necessary safety procedures. At Green Masters, we make safety one of the top priorities. Our green division is VCA-certified. This recognition indicates that with us, safety is not limited to theory. We go further. “The VCA certificate is a reward for our day-to-day attention to safety,” says Kim Van Leemput, prevention advisor at Multi Masters Group, who supervised the VCA audit.

During the winter months, our green specialists follow practical (refresher) courses: safe chainsaw operation, alternative weed management, safe use of a brush cutter, etc. The monthly toolbox meetings also often focus on safety. Moreover, during site inspections our supervisors always closely monitor the correct use of machinery, the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and so on.

5. Digital benefits of outsourcing green maintenance to a professional partner

Digital tools and systems are playing an increasing role in green maintenance. A professional company uses advanced digital technologies to plan maintenance, monitor progress and measure results. This makes green maintenance more efficient and effective. For example, Green Masters uses the Green App. Employees receive their schedule through this app and can indicate which tasks have been completed and which have not. It also allows them to add photos before and after and allows customers to sign the digital work order on our team leader’s smartphone.

6. A sustainable approach

A ‘green approach for your greenery’. In green maintenance a sustainable approach is not only good for the environment, but also for your business. A professional partner has knowledge of sustainable methods and techniques to take care of your green areas in an environmentally friendly way. And that obviously has a positive effect on your company’s image.

Outsourcing green maintenance to a professional partner - Green Masters

At Green Masters, we go for greener services in several ways. We reduce harmful exhaust emissions to the absolute minimum and invest in machines (brush cutters, hedge trimmers, etc.) running on rechargeable batteries. We also offer alternative weed control in addition to chemical weeding. In that case, our masters remove the weeds with a brush machine, by burning them away or even by steaming. We tackle large weeds with a brush cutter and we sort as much waste as possible and deliver it to an authorised waste processing company.

7. Efficient quality control of green maintenance

Quality checks are essential to maintain the highest standards in green maintenance. A professional partner therefore carries out regular quality checks to ensure that the work meets all requirements. This may involve an inspection of the work carried out, but also a periodic evaluation of the cooperation between the two parties. At Multi Masters Group, we handle this very carefully and a coordinator carries out regular checks to ensure the quality of our work. In this way, we ensure that your greenery is always perfectly maintained and give your company a beautiful and well-kept appearance.

8. The advantage of companies operating across the country

Engaging a large green maintenance company often means that it also operates nationwide. This comes with a lot of advantages. For instance, these companies are often well informed in regional regulations and have extensive experience with green maintenance in various environments. In addition, nationally active green maintenance companies often have an extensive network, allowing them to respond quickly to your needs and requirements at your various sites.

Green Masters is a nationwide green maintenance company with years of experience in the industry. Our experienced masters work in a streamlined manner and guarantee the same, uniform service across all your sites.

9. Professional green maintenance reflects your company’s image

A well-kept and green environment is very important for the appearance of your company. It indicates that you value a pleasant and enjoyable working environment for your employees, customers and visitors. When someone arrives at your company, the outside is the first thing they see. Nicely maintained green areas or a clean car area immediately give a good first impression. One that sticks. A professional partner such as Green Masters can make sure your greenery always looks nice and neat. That way, you contribute to a positive image of your company.

Outsourcing your company's green maintenance to a professional partner - Green Masters

10. Motivated employees thanks to green maintenance

A green environment not only benefits your company’s appearance, but also your employees. Green elements in the workplace improves concentration, increases productivity and reduces stress. A professional partner can ensure that your employees can enjoy a pleasant, green and healthy working environment and feel more at home in your company.

A well-maintained green environment gives a sense of well-being and calm. The ideal, pleasant place to unwind, which significantly reduces stress levels. In turn, better air quality in the workplace benefits employees’ health. Absenteeism is also reduced thanks to a well-maintained green maintenance.

11. A tailored green approach

When it comes to green maintenance, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business has its own unique challenges and requirements. A professional green maintenance partner understands this and will develop a tailor-made approach to meet the specific needs of your business. For example, there are different types of weed control depending on the surface: brushing, steaming or burning. At Green Masters, you can go for all techniques. By choosing the most appropriate method, we can work more effectively and efficiently, with better results and less waste of time and resources.

The importance of outsourcing green maintenance to a total facility partner like Multi Masters Group

Outsourcing your green maintenance to a professional partner like Green Masters can save you time, money and concerns. You can focus on your core business while you can rely on the expertise and reliability of an experienced partner.

Multi Masters Group not only offers professional green maintenance, but is a total facility partner providing a wide range of services. As such, we can also help you with all kinds of other services, such as cleaning, technical maintenance, security, … By outsourcing different services to one partner, synergies can be created and you will have a single point of contact for all your facility needs.

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