Sales support Philippe chooses his retirement at the age of 73: “I truly enjoyed my time at Multi Masters Group”

Having the age for retirement, but still driven to keep working. This mindset is evident for Philippe, Sales support at Multi Masters Group. Over the past six years, Philippe, now 73, worked as a ‘mini-call center’ within the company. However, by the end of 2023, even for the born salesman, it’s time for a well-deserved retirement. “After six years, it was the right moment to stop,” he says.

Sales support Philippe werkte tot zijn 73e bij Multi Masters Group maar gaat nu toch met pensioen. - philippe - retirement at age 73

Salesman at heart

Philippe’s journey at Multi Masters Group began before he joined the company in 2017. “I started at Multi Masters Group itself six years ago. Before that, I worked at a call center. But even there, I already worked for Multi Masters Group, as the organization was a client. So, in reality, I was already making my calls for Multi Masters Group back then.”

Let’s go a bit further back in time, before Philippe joined the call center. “I have always been a salesman, but at a certain point, at the age of 60, I had to find a new job. I then took a course to improve my computer skills and started at the call center. At 65, I was then required to retire from the call center.”

Prefer tired over lazy

The question arose at Multi Masters Group if there was someone who could work full-time within the company. “I had to retire, but I definitely didn’t want to stop working. I’m not someone who can sit at home all week. And that’s how they came to me. For me, the choice was quick. They felt that I made so many appointments that I could come work here. So it was the logical choice, right (laughs).

“At Multi Masters Group, I had a lot of freedom in my job, and I will honestly miss it.”

‘Sport’ at work

The transition to Multi Masters Group was the right choice for Philippe. “My job is to call companies, potential customers, and make appointments. At Multi Masters Group, I wasn’t obligated to follow scripts during calls. That gave me much more freedom. I could also see it as a sport. Every appointment you make is a score. It’s not always easy to make effective appointments, but when you do… that’s what you do it for. You don’t always have to take it too seriously. For me, it was truly enjoyable; I loved doing it.”

A good connection

Compliments at work often came from the IT department for Philippe. “You have a lot of contact with many people here, but most compliments I received were from the IT department. Especially from Erik, he genuinely shows a lot of respect for me. It’s often said, ‘Wow, you’re doing a good job,’ even by the management. That pleases me. I have to honestly say that I really enjoyed myself here.”

The right moment for retirement

For Philippe, after six years at Multi Masters Group, it’s time to truly retire. “I’m now 73. There aren’t many people my age still working (laughs). I think it’s the right moment to stop. But I will honestly miss it. Now is the time to spend more time with my family.”

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