Professional pest control in 5 questions and answers

Pests in your company, you can miss them like the plague. So you’d better prevent it from settling in or around your buildings. But even when it’s too late, Hygi Masters is there for you. Our hygi masters have over 30 years of experience and offer a safe and environmentally friendly approach. Patrick, manager at Hygi Masters, takes you through the world of professional pest control and answers the following 5 questions.

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1. What types of pests does Hygi Masters control?

Pests come in different forms. Our hygi masters often control rodents, such as mice and rats, as well as insects. Crawling insects, think ants, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, beetles and silverfish and flying ones, such as wasps, mosquitoes, flies and moths. Our hygi masters also catch birds that cause a nuisance.

2. How do the hygi masters proceed the professional pest control?

At Hygi Masters, we don’t wait for you to notice pests in your buildings. Following your request, our hygi masters discreetly conduct a preventive inspection, discussing their observations and identifying possible pest entry routes and hiding places. Based on a thorough analysis, we propose a customized approach in accordance with food safety, sanitary hygiene and applicable regulations (HACCP, BRC, IPM, FAVV and VMM).

3. Hygi Masters has CEPA certification. What does that mean?

CEPA is the European organization of professional pest controllers and created CEPA certification as an industry standard. It means that as a company you meet the highest standards of public health and hygiene (EN 16636). The certificate is obtained after a thorough audit by a recognized auditing agency. Hygi Masters passed the audit, making it one of only four companies in our country that meet European standard EN 16636 (and thus hold a CEPA certificate).

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4. In which ways is Hygi Masters betting on new, sustainable techniques?

The world of pest control has digitized in recent years, and we are following the latest trends too. For example, we have an alternative to classic rat and mouse traps with the digital traps (which work with sensors). With non-tox baits, we have another non-toxic solution. Does this not prove sufficient? Then we make sure that the toxic bait is placed in bait boxes to ensure safety. Only the pests will be controlled by it.

5. Where does Hygi Masters offer professional pest control services?

Everywhere! Our pest controllers are present all over the country. Hygi Masters’ headquarters is located in Merksem, near Antwerp. Thanks to our seven regional branches (Antwerp, Roeselare, Ghent, Zonhoven, Strombeek-Bever, Jumet and Flémalle), we are always and everywhere near our customers.

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