Why professional pest control is important for your company

Professional pest control is indispensable because pests can cause a lot of damage to buildings, products and packaging. Examples are rodents such as rats and mice. Pests are also often a spreader of diseases, such as leptospirosis. In food-related buildings it is therefore mandatory to check for the presence of vermin. Hygi Masters offers concrete solutions for pest control.

Why professional pest control?

Rodents and insects are a pest for every company. They cause damage to buildings and affect product packaging, which can lead to considerable losses. Therefore, it is important to control these pests with a clear plan, keep them under control and even anticipate them by taking preventive action. Depending on the location, activity and size of the pest, different control methods can be chosen. Making an agreement with a specialised company, like Hygi Masters, is mandatory for every company or organisation with public access.

Professional pest control is one of the specialised services of Hygi Masters.

Professional pest control with focus on sustainability and environment

Chemical pest control is one option. More specifically, it consists of alternating the use of placebos and biocides. Some placebos contain UV trackers. The rodent that eats the product gives off traces via faeces. A UV lamp is used to see in which area the pest is and in which zone it is crawling. At this point, the biocidal phase comes into play. We install the same type of products, but with an active ingredient that kills the rodents. For health and safety reasons, these products are always located in secure, locked rooms.

But the focus is more and more on environmental friendliness and sustainability. Not only Multi Masters Group, but more and more companies implement a strong CSR policy and use organic products. We support our customers in this. Where possible Hygi Masters chooses non-toxic solutions. In many cases non-tox baits are an effective preventative method. If there is no alternative, we make sure the toxic baits are placed in bait boxes to ensure safety. Only the pests will be affected by this.

Specific bait

Another method of professional pest control are traps. On the one hand there are the mechanical traps, on the other hand the sticky traps. Mechanical traps are equipped with a bait with a specific composition that attracts rodents. The other type of trap, the glue board, is a cardboard, sticky board with a strong odour that attracts rodents. In both cases, a technician of Hygi Masters regularly visits the premises to remove the trapped animals and search for the cause.

Innovation and digitalisation

Hygi Masters focuses on innovation and digitalisation. And that digitalisation has continued over the past few years in the world of pest control. We now use an alternative to the classic rat and mouse traps: digital traps. These contain sensors and give a signal when pests are caught. Via a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can follow everything closely and are always aware of the situation in your buildings.

In addition to traps, there are also catch boxes. These are mainly used in the food industry, to protect industrial installations. Thanks to the traps, we are able to greatly reduce the presence of rodents. About 15 mice or about 10 rats can be caught per box.

Professional pest control - Hygi Masters

Professional pest control: prevention is better than cure

You certainly do not have to wait to contact us until pests have been identified in your buildings. On the contrary, prevention is also in this case much better than cure. A preventive approach is therefore definitely recommended. After your request, the Hygi Masters technician will discretely carry out a check-up in your buildings.

During this visit he will sound out your experiences and make the necessary observations himself. He will immediately track down possible approach routes and hiding places for pests. On the basis of this thorough analysis, we propose a tailor-made pest control approach to your buildings. In doing so, we respect the Belgian and European regulations on food safety, sanitary hygiene and other applicable requirements.

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