Sanitary dispensers in your buildings: what are the benefits?

What is the most frequented area in your company building? The toilets, of course. All your employees, visitors who have been stuck in traffic, a nervous job applicant, … All pay a visit to the toilets. The importance of good sanitary hygiene cannot be overestimated. Cleanliness is an important factor. But the design of your washroom also determines the positive perception of users. Sanitary dispensers are therefore a great help in optimising your sanitary hygiene.

Sanitary dispensers in your premises: convenient and accessible

Therefore, sanitary dispensers in your buildings play an important role in optimising but also maintaining a clean, hygienic environment. Visitors to your buildings have easy access to soap, hand sanitiser, paper towels or hand dryers in strategic locations.

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Increased satisfaction and image

Well-maintained and continuously filled sanitary dispensers not only improve hygiene. They also increase visitor satisfaction in your premises. It gives them the feeling that your premises are well maintained and that the facilities are clean. And that pleasant, hygienic environment of course also contributes to your company’s good image.

Long-term cost savings

Although the initial cost of sanitary dispensers may seem like an extra expense, they are cost-saving in the long run. By dosing better, you will waste less and actually use sanitary facilities more efficiently. This is where sanitary dispensers with automatic sensors play a major role.

Sustainable sanitary dispensers

Today’s sanitary dispensers are increasingly designed with sustainability in mind. At Hygi Masters too, sustainability is on the rise. Our specialists have everything you need to contribute to achieving your sustainability goals. Some sustainable options from our sanitary service offering include:

  • Hand towels and toilet paper made from recycled paper.
  • Recycling of used paper towels.
  • Dispensers made from recycled materials.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging (Cradle to Cradle).
  • Products produced in a CO2-neutral production process.

Hygi Masters provides a complete range of sanitary dispensers and products

Toilet paper, hand soap and a hand towel – that was the basic equipment of an average toilet for many years. To offer extra comfort to the users of your toilets, this range has expanded considerably. Hygi Masters has a complete range of dispensers and products. Air fresheners, towel dispensers, soap dispensers, toilet paper holders, trash cans, ladybins, toilet seat cleaners, … We have it all. In the colour and design that best suits your interior.

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Hygi Masters gives you customised advice

Tastes and colours may vary, Hygi Masters has a customised solution for every sanitary. Our specialists are happy to advise and assist you during the design process. They will also explain the advantages of different types of sanitary appliances and products. Do I opt for paper towels or a hand dryer? Why should I opt for dispensers equipped with sensors? How do I reduce water consumption in my washroom? Our hygi masters will be happy to answer these and all your other questions.

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