Sisters in the workplace: meet ‘masters’ Sara and Britney

Sisters usually see each other in the family sphere. At the family company Multi Masters Group, they also see each other on the shop floor. Sisters Sara and Britney both sought and found their way at the facilities services provider. Discover their story here.

As sisters, how did you end up at Multi Masters Group?

Sara: I first worked as a cleaner at another company for a while. In early 2019, my husband Dave told me there was a vacancy for administrative assistant at Cleaning Masters, the cleaning division of Multi Masters Group. Dave himself works in Cleaning Masters’ calculation department, so through him I already knew what the company did. I then applied and the good feeling was there right away.

Sisters Sara and Britney are both working for Multi Masters Group
Sisters Britney (left) and Sara work both at Multi Masters Group.

Sisters Sara and Britney: “Welcomed with open arms”

Do you still have the same position?

Sara: No, in the meantime I have progressed again, and I oversee the coordination of the window washing. When I was offered the job, I did hesitate for a while. It was something new and I didn’t have the experience yet. But in the end, I did feel I was ready to take the chance. I notice that you really get the opportunity to develop yourself here and that Multi Masters Group offers the chance to keep learning.

“What you have to say is listened to and if you have questions, you always get answers.” – Britney

As a student, do you feel the same way, Britney?

Britney: Definitely! I have been working here as a student for a year now and I notice that I am getting more and more responsibility. In the beginning, I helped complete leads or contacted companies to present our full range of services to the facility manager. That soon progressed to more marketing-related tasks, such as writing commercial texts. On Wednesdays, I also recently started working at the reception desk. Isn’t that great! The atmosphere is very good and the colleagues are super cool! They are very sociable and committed. When you are at the coffee machine, there is always someone to have a chat with. I think that’s important.

Sara: You really are welcomed with open arms here. In our department we work very closely together, we all count on each other. If something is wrong, it is solved quickly. You can always contact someone. Making mistakes is human, but it helps if you have good support, and there is.


Besides the family value, are there any other corporate values you notice here?

Britney: Definitely, trust and respect. I was given a lot of freedom in my work pretty quickly and I also get the confidence to work from home, for example. It’s not like you have to justify everything you’ve done, they really trust you to do your job well. Everything here is also done in a respectful way. No one has ever been unkind to me. Everyone always responds understandingly, what you have to say is listened to and if you have questions, you always get answers. You notice that everyone respects each other.

“I come to work very eagerly, every day!” – Sara

With what feeling do you look back on your course so far?

Britney: I have really noticed an evolution throughout the past year: getting more and more opportunities, more confidence and as a result being allowed to perform more and more important tasks. This is of course challenging in this sector. The facility sector has been modernising its marketing recently, and you do notice that here at Multi Masters Group. There is progress and a real effort to always keep improving!

Sara: Only a good feeling. I come to work very eagerly, every day!

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