Streak-free window cleaning: discover the tips of cleaning master Werner

Streak-free window cleaning, we all want that. But how often does it happen to you that after all that hard work, you still see streaks or drips when the sun starts to shine. Frustrating, of course. Werner, window cleaner at Cleaning Masters, is happy to share his experience with you. He gives you some tips so that you too can clean your windows streak-free.

1. Streak-free window cleaning: wash your windows with the right materials

The right cleaning equipment is half the battle. Of course, a worn-out squeegee and a dirty cloth won’t get you very far. “You have different brands of squeegees, but also different sizes. At Cleaning Masters, we go up to about 45cm,” explains Werner, window cleaner at Cleaning Masters.

According to Werner, the big difference is not so much in the type of squeegee. “To avoid streaks or drips, it is best to use a microfibre cloth. It allows you to dry the edges of the window without leaving streaks. A microfibre cloth is also quick and extra absorbent.”

Streak-free window cleaning - tips & tricks of Werner from Cleaning Masters

But which product is best to use to wash your windows? According to Werner, chances are you already have it in the house. “Dreft!”, he says. “That is the ideal product for washing windows in a clean way. We used to use ammonia sometimes, but we don’t use that anymore. If you still want to stick somewhat to those same products, you can use Veronit.”

2. Use a soaker

Are there any tricks you can use? Certain techniques that are more effective? “Of course, simply pulling off your windows with a straight, horizontal or vertical motion is not very smart. There are definitely better, more effective ways. A smooth movement from left to right, top to bottom. To avoid streaks and drips, it is best to use a soaker. With a soaker, a kind of sponge, you dry your squeegee every time. Do you still have streaks? Then maybe the rubber of your squeegee needs to be replaced.”

3. Streak-free window cleaning: clean your windows at the right time

The weather is nice and the sun is shining beautifully on your home. Start of summer is approaching, but suddenly you notice that the bright rays of the sun are accentuating the dirt on your windows. “The ideal scenario, of course, is if you clean your windows regularly. That is the best way to avoid dirty windows,” Werner says.

Do you not always have the time (or mood) for the cleaning job anyway? Then there is one particular period Werner can recommend. “Then it’s best to choose to clean your windows in spring. After all, in winter it freezes on, in summer it dries up too quickly with the full sun shining on it.”

4. Ventilate your rooms regularly

Windows do not only get dirty on the outside, but also on the inside. And this has several causes. “A major cause is of course smoking, which certainly does not help the clarity of a window. But also condensation, especially during winter. If you turn up your heating, droplets can get on the inside of your window. Ventilating regularly is the message.”

Streak-free window cleaning - tips & tricks of Werner (Cleaning Masters)

Why outsource window cleaning to an external partner?

For companies, it is often a burden off their shoulders to have their many window areas cleaned by an external partner like Cleaning Masters. It offers many advantages:

  • Time savings: you no longer have to keep track when and how often your windows are cleaned.
  • Appearance: a building with shiny, clear windows immediately gives a good first impression to visitors (and potential customers).
  • Expertise: working with an external partner means you get the right expertise. Our cleaning masters undergo VCA training, training for working on high platforms and monthly toolbox training.
  • Safety: using a ladder, our cleaning masters do not go higher than the first floor. If they work with a work platform, they secure themselves with a harness or lifeline.
  • Ergonomic: we wash even higher surfaces with an osmosis brush, which reaches up to 16 m high. Thanks to the ergonomic harness, our employees do not have to strain themselves.
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