Terumo EDC finds Multi Masters Group to be a trustworthy total facility partner

Terumo EDC and Multi Masters Group have a special relationship. Why? In 2021, upon the launch of Maintenance Masters, Terumo EDC became one of our new division’s first clients. The company has been using the services of Hygi Masters since 2017. Philippe Peeters, Facility & Maintenance Coordinator, saw the fulfilment of all expectations. “I can absolutely confirm that we made the right choice, that all requirements have been met.”

Philippe Peeters (Terumo EDC in Genk) is very happy with Multi Masters Group's services

Terumo EDC and Multi Masters Group: unburdening as a common concern

The cooperation between the Multi Masters Group and Terumo EDC reveals a shared concern: unburdening the client. “The purpose of our services is to facilitate the work of doctors and surgeons as much as possible. Unburdening the client matters very much to us and we find the same concern in the work of Maintenance Masters and Hygi Masters, as evidenced by the proper maintenance of our facilities and a critical approach to the status of installations.”

“Unburdening is very important to us and we find the same with Maintenance Masters and Hygi Masters.”

Dare to jump

Terumo EDC was one of Maintenance Masters’ first clients . “To us, this process was always something of a challenge. Daring to change course, deciding and going for it. A year has passed, and I can say unreservedly that we made the right decision. From the very beginning, we felt that things were all right, that all requirements would be met.”

A technicien of Multi Masters Group working in the Terumo EDC warehouse in Genk.

Terumo EDC very satisfied with rapid response to emergencies

Obviously, sometimes unpredictable problems do happen. “We have already had emergency responses at night or during a weekend, usually because of an external power outage. The response time is really very good. I always have a reachable SPOC. No more than two hours elapse before the intervention team arrives. A faster response could not be expected.”

Up to a better future!

Maintenance Masters and Hygi Masters are thus a golden match for Terumo EDC. “If I get more ownership of other systems in our warehouses in the future, I certainly do not exclude the possibility of using the Multi Masters Group even more. We see them as reliable and forward-thinking partners.”

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