Joeri Fabry (Salvator Welfare Centre) talks about the successful cooperation with Multi Masters Group for cleaning and other facility services:

“Cleaning is a specialist job,
especially in the healthcare sector”

Joeri Fabry (Salvator Welzijnscentrum)

The Salvator welfare centre aims to provide a house and a home for everyone. In addition to a residential care centre, the site also includes a convalescent home for young and old and a day nursery. Since the expansion of the welfare centre, Multi Masters Group has been taking care of the cleaning, window washing and pest control on the site. General Manager Joeri Fabry explains how this valuable collaboration came about.

Shoemaker stick to your last

Joeri Fabry rolled into the healthcare sector from the logistics world. Since 2016, he has been general manager of the Salvator welfare centre. During that time, the site continued to expand its care mission. “In 2018, we took over a nursery and introduced new care flats. Nowadays, with some 400 residents and 300 staff, the site seems more like a small village.”

Cleaning is one of the facility services for which Salvator welfare centre counts on Multi Masters Group

The expansions of the welfare centre also brought with it more maintenance. That is why the management went in search of an external service provider. “Our core business is care. That is what we excel in and what we want to concentrate on. I am an advocate of the principle ‘Shoemaker, stick to your last’. So for cleaning, too, Salvator wanted to call in experts.”

Joeri points out that cleaning in the healthcare sector requires specific know-how. “Expertise was a big factor in our search for a professional cleaning company. Cleaning is a specialist profession, especially in the healthcare sector. We were looking for a cleaning company with the necessary knowledge and experience.”

An attractive partnership

The cooperation of Salvator with an external cleaning company had to bring peace of mind first and foremost in terms of logistics. “That may have something to do with my previous career in the logistics sector,” Joeri adds, laughing. “We wanted to keep the number of contact points to a minimum and streamline the cleaning as much as possible.” So how did he end up at Multi Masters Group? “My previous employer had a good cooperation with Multi Masters Group for several years. Because of that good experience I immediately went knocking on their door.”

Especially the broad facilities offer of Multi Masters Group impressed. “Our contact Timo Machiels gave an overview of all the other services Multi Masters Group offers during the first conversations. Ranging from pest control, green and parking maintenance to glass washing. This opened the door for us to a long-term partnership in several areas: an attractive prospect.”

“The wide range of services of Multi Masters Group opened the door to a long-term partnership.”

Expanding partnership

Indeed, the cooperation with Multi Masters Group expanded quickly. “Cleaning Masters started here in 2019 with the cleaning of the assisted living and care flats. In the meantime, they also take care of the glass washing of these buildings. And recently we started relying on Hygi Masters for pest control on the site.”

This expanding cooperation with Multi Masters Group is a sign that things are going well. “We no longer get complaints from Salvator residents about the cleaning: everything is simply cleaner. That’s why since June 2021 we also called in Cleaning Masters to do the cleaning of another department,” says Joeri.

Short lines

Is there no room for improvement? “I can honestly answer ‘no’ to that. Everything is negotiable with Multi Masters Group. That down-to-earth and transparent communication prevents frustrations from building up.” Especially the short and direct communication lines are a plus according to Joeri. “Timo, my contact person, is my go-to person for everything. I get a clear answer to every e-mail. Moreover, I don’t have to wait for weeks to schedule a meeting with him. In addition, Joeri points out the improvements that Multi Masters Group proactively proposes. “It’s very nice that Multi Masters Group thinks along with us, based on their own expertise.”

Salvator welfare centre counts on Multi Masters Group for cleaning and other facility services.

“Everything is negotiable with Multi Masters Group. That down-to-earth communication prevents frustrations.”

Multi Masters Group delivers cleaning and other services to the Salvator welfare centre.

Respect central

Between the people of the Salvator welfare centre and the employees of Multi Masters Group things are going well. According to Joeri, this good relationship is based on respect: “Our vision shows that we respect each individual. It is no coincidence that respect for customers and employees is also central at Multi Masters Group. “That partly explains why we have built a strong partnership in such a short time”, he says.

Will the cooperation with Multi Masters Group continue to expand? “If there are any opportunities in the future, Multi Masters Group will definitely be top of mind.”

Salvator welfare centre in short

  • Founded as a hospital in Hasselt in 1924 by the Salvatorian Sisters.
  • Includes a residential and care centre, short-stay accommodation, assisted living facilities, care flats, a convalescent home and a children’s day care centre.
  • Collaboration with:
    • Cleaning Masters for cleaning and window cleaning of assisted living and care flats.
    • Hygi Masters for pest control.

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