Filip Van De Werf (Accent Jobs) talks about the partnership
with Multi Masters Group

“Not many companies can handle a job of this calibre”

Accent is one of the HR references in Belgium. The story of this successful temporary employment agency started with the opening of the first Accent office in Roeselare in 1995. Today Accent has around 1200 employees, spread over more than 260 offices in Flanders and Wallonia. And the cleaning of these offices? That is in good hands with Cleaning Masters.

Cleaning throughout Belgium

As Facility Advisor, Filip Van De Werf and his 3 colleagues take care of the maintenance of all Accent branches. “Every week, Cleaning Masters cleans more than 260 Accent offices across Belgium,” he says.

They also clean Accent’s training centres and the head office in Roeselare. “These buildings are of course bigger than our branches. In the head office alone there are about 260 people working.” In addition to classic cleaning, Cleaning Masters also fulfils larger assignments. “For example, the final cleaning after an office move or refurbishment,” adds Filip.

Voor de schoonmaak in al zijn Belgische vestigingen doet Accent Jobs beroep op Cleaning Masters.

Large calibre

Accent made the switch to an external cleaning partner due to the company’s strong expansion. The more offices that arose, the greater the need to centralise the maintenance and cleaning of all the branches. Before Filip joined Accent, the company worked with another cleaning company. “Back then, coordinating the cleaning took up a lot of time with us.”

Since working with Cleaning Masters that is a thing of the past. Filip says: “Thanks to their good follow-up, cleaning coordination barely takes up 10% of my workload. I already have quite some experience in facility management, and in my opinion Cleaning Masters is one of the few companies that can handle a job of this calibre.”

That satisfaction encouraged Accent to call on Multi Masters Group for other services as well. “For example, in the summer Green Masters maintains the car park of a branch of our sister company Logi-Technic. We have also called on Hygi Masters several times for the installation of towel dispensers.”

Strong in service

The strongest point of Cleaning Masters according to Filip? “That’s undoubtedly their excellent service and correct follow-up.” According to him continuity, specifically replacement in case of absences, also plays a major role: “The cleaning sector is very demanding in that respect. You always have to be able to find a replacement quickly. At Cleaning Masters they always succeed.”

Every quarter Filip plans a meeting with the people responsible for Accent within Cleaning Masters. “Christine is my single point of contact, Benjamin is her backup. In fact, we meet almost every week. That contact is always very informal and family-like. Working with them is easy but above all pleasant.”

“The service of Multi Masters Group is without any doubt their strongest asset.”

Satisfied with ticket system

According to Filip, this smooth cooperation is also thanks to Multidesk, the communication platform of Multi Masters Group. “On Multidesk I regularly use the ticket system. I can easily submit an order or comment and give it a high, medium or low priority. Then I can perfectly follow which ticket is being processed or finished.”

Interestingly enough, Accent itself also uses a similar ticketing system. Filip himself finds this way of working more reliable than telephoning or e-mailing: “A telephone call is fleeting and quickly forgotten. By submitting a ticket online, I can keep track of the situation. And I’m always reassured that Cleaning Masters handles my requests on time.”

So the fact that both companies are well attuned to each other shows in every aspect of their collaboration. “That’s why we want to continue this partnership for as long as possible,” concludes Filip.

Cleaning Masters is de vaste schoonmaakpartner van Accent Jobs.

“On Multidesk I regularly use the ticket system. I can perfectly follow up which question is in progress or finished.”

About Accent Jobs

  • Temporary employment agency with head office in Roeselare
  • Established in 1995
  • Base for House of HR, an HR holding active in 10 countries
  • Collaboration with:
    • Cleaning Masters for classic cleaning and final cleaning in offices
    • Hygi Masters for sanitary dispensers
    • Green Masters for parking maintenance

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