City of Roeselare very satisfied with cooperation with cleaning company:

“Cleaning Masters’ values and standards align with ours and that shows in the work delivered”

Ruben Doom - Roeselare

A pleasant, leisurely day where you can shop, dine, and immerse yourself in culture in a charming environment—the city of Roeselare has much to offer. However, a beautiful city is inherently a clean city. Under this principle, the city of Roeselare has enlisted the services of Cleaning Masters. From museums to schools and various other buildings, our cleaning teams ensure that the city consistently leaves a well-maintained (first) impression. “We can confidently say that we have found the right partner,” says Ruben Doom, Head of facility services at the city of Roeselare.

Roeselare is synonymous with shopping, sports, and food. The latter is a significant focal point for the city, situated in the ‘Valley of Food.’ Sports enthusiasts also have plenty to enjoy, with Knack Roeselare being a prominent figure in Belgian volleyball, and cycling playing a central role with events like the Na-Tourcriterium and the start of Dwars door Vlaanderen. And the Museum of Cycling, KOERS, is a central hub for the history of cycling in the city.

Schoonmaak - Cleaning Masters - Stad Roeselare

“The collaboration between sports and Roeselare is undeniable, but our ambitions extend far beyond that,” says Ruben Doom. “We emphasize tourism with numerous activities, and nature and culture also hold significant places in our city. And let’s not forget our three-star restaurant or the many Gault&Millau restaurants where you can indulge in culinary delights.”

The right partner

As the Head of facility services in Roeselare, Ruben ensures the smooth cleaning operations. “Cleaning may seem simple to everyone, but it goes much broader than people think,” Ruben explains. “That’s why having a good partner is an absolute necessity. Our selection criteria cover various aspects, including price, sustainability, site supervision, reporting, local presence, flexibility, and more. Cleaning Masters emerged as the best, and we can confidently say we’ve found the right partner.”

Cleaning with extra motivation

Collaboration, continuous improvement, trust, commitment, and customer focus are paramount at the city of Roeselare. These values align seamlessly with those of Cleaning Masters. “The values and norms of Cleaning Masters align with ours,” Ruben says. “We feel it during interactions with the cleaning teams. They show the necessary respect towards the city’s team coaches, are approachable, and work with motivation. You can see it in their work; it’s evident that they take pride in what they do.”

“We feel appreciated as customers. No question is too much.”

Ruben highlights the story of Delphine, an inspector at Cleaning Masters and a Roeselare native, who considers the city “her baby.” “She is exceptionally motivated and committed to doing her best for the city. Delphine comes across as very affable but remains focused on the task at hand. She understands our needs well and reacts proactively, along with site supervisor Laetitia.”

Familiar with the city of Roeselare

Cleaning Masters takes care of the cleaning for a diverse range of buildings and locations within the city, including schools, museums, night shelters, and cultural institutions. “One of the significant advantages of Cleaning Masters is that the cleaners have knowledge of the places they work. They are from this area and often have a connection with the city. This allows for quick responses to last-minute requests.”

Ruben speaks highly of this flexibility. “Thanks to our collaboration, we feel appreciated as a customer. No question is too much. We understand that Cleaning Masters cannot provide someone within half an hour, but they make every effort to assist us as effectively as possible. If internal city staff suddenly cannot make it to work, Cleaning Masters helps us fill the gap, providing us with additional capacity.”

Reliable, solution-oriented and accessible

Describing Cleaning Masters in a few keywords, Ruben is clear. “Reliable, solution-oriented, and accessible,” he says. “We can always reach someone quickly. That was one of the conditions of the contract, but that therefore does not automatically mean that it actually happens that way. With Cleaning Masters, it does.”

Ruben Doom - City of Roeselare (in the middle) - is very happy with Cleaning Masters' cleaning performances

“Delphine, Cleaning Masters’ inspector, considers the city ‘her baby’.”

Cleaning Masters - cleaning lady working in the City of Roeselare

A shared goal

Sustainability is increasingly on the agenda, a positive evolution. Roeselare sees itself as a pioneer. “In this term, we’ve installed 2,200 solar panels, implemented LED lighting in many square meters, and received extra budget to invest more rapidly in sustainable initiatives. We also support citizens and businesses in their pursuit of sustainable practices and solutions through information and subsidies.”

Sustainability was a top priority in the search for an external cleaning partner. “Our internal cleaners use a minimal amount of water. We expect our external partner to share this commitment. Cleaning Masters uses various products that require less water and fewer cleaning agents, resulting in less waste from used mops and less laundry. Additionally, Cleaning Masters promotes the use of probiotics.”

Ruben concludes by mentioning more sustainable initiatives. “Even in the smallest details, sustainability is considered. If lights are still on or a faucet is leaking at a location being cleaned, the cleaning masters provide proactive feedback, and we can address it immediately. In short, it’s a sustainable collaboration between two partners with the same goals, working together to achieve them.”

About the City of Roeselare

  • 65.381 inhabitants (2023)
  • Shopping city with a strong focus on cycling and food
  • Notable attractions include KOERS (Museum of Cycling), Rodenbach Brewery, charming shopping streets, Het Kunstuur, TRAX, STAP, etc.
  • Collaboration with Cleaning Masters since 2018 for the cleaning of various city buildings and events.

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