Marichal Ketin fully relies on its cleaning partner:

“We can really count on Multi Masters Group, we can let things go”

Marie Pierre Lambot - testimonial Marichal Ketin (Multi Masters Group)

Ever since their start-up in 1910, Marichal Ketin has been a leading player in roll manufacturing. They produce rollers that flatten sheet metal to make coils, for example for building cars. With more than 110 years of experience and a global service, the company keeps reinventing itself. A few years ago, Marichal Ketin was looking for a partner to clean their offices and sanitary facilities. Cleaning Masters to the rescue!

A true family

More than 110 years after its start-up, Marichal Ketin now works all over the world. The foundry operates in Belgium, but mainly in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia. Soon they may add Australia to that impressive list. Marie Pierre Lambotte, purchasing manager with almost 22 years of experience within Marichal Ketin, tells her story with great pride and passion.

Since its foundation, the company has experienced tremendous development. But what makes Marichal Ketin really special according to Marie Pierre is that its employees can make a career there. “That is something that is not so easy to find elsewhere. Many people at Marichal Ketin retire after a 40-year career. It’s a big family, this factory is part of us. We can’t function without each other.”

A member of the Cleaning Masters team cleaning at Marichal Ketin.

“There are not many foundries that can sustain it, especially in Belgium. So the challenge is to maintain our market position without lowering our prices, because the constant price increases create a very unstable market.”

Good references

Marichal Ketin was looking for a reliable partner to clean its offices and sanitary facilities. Since the company owns the entire production process from A to Z, it gets quiet dirty in the office. A challenging job for Multi Masters Group! “At first, we worked with our own cleaning staff, but 20 years ago, when the first employee retired, we decided to hire a cleaning company for the first time.”

“We were working with two to three companies then, but it was not really on point. It is not like cleaning a bank, it is very dirty here and it is not an easy job. The hours are not always easy either, because in the offices we start at 6am.”

“Every time another person retired, we replaced that position with people from a cleaning company.” And then Multi Masters Group came into the picture. At Marichal Ketin, they were already hearing good things about Cleaning Masters through other similar factories. They took the plunge and entered into the partnership. “Since then, I must say that things have gone admirably well. We don’t have to follow up on anything, which is the purpose of working with a professional facility management company.”

“We wouldn’t want anything else in our cooperation with a facility services provider.”

“It’s one less worry”

Doing what you are good at, each with their own specialisation. That’s what Multi Masters Group puts maximum effort into. Marie Pierre agrees confidently. “We do not specialise in cleaning, we each have our own task. This is really the first time we can count on a company to take care of this.”

“It’s one less worry, I no longer have to listen to grumbles and phone calls that the work wasn’t done properly. What also happened regularly was changing staff. The cleaning masters are integrated with us because they stay. We never have to explain, which used to happen regularly. We can really count on these people and we know them. Multi Masters Group takes care of everything, we can let things go.”

Responsiveness and professionalism

Marie Pierre cites two additional success factors: responsiveness and professionalism. “The contact is very good. They see the need immediately, you don’t have to explain. Multi Masters Group has the professionals and they tell you how they work to achieve the best results. And everything they do works very well.”

Cleaning - Cleaning Masters - Marichal Ketin

“We are open to other Multi Masters Group services.”

Cleaning Masters - cleaning at Marichal Ketin

Towards more

Besides cleaning the offices and sanitary facilities, Marichal Ketin also had Cleaning Masters disinfect the changing rooms for the past two years. The collaboration is proving to be a real success formula. “In time, we consider other Multi Masters Group services. We did add several services in recent years, which is surely the sign that everything is working well.”

“We wouldn’t want anything else in our cooperation. All we can do now is look at what other opportunities there are to work together. We have to see what would be advantageous and where we can save time.”

About Marichal Ketin

  • Has existed for more than 110 years (since 1910)
  • Worldwide operations: Europe, United States, South America, Asia and soon maybe Australia too
  • 140 employees on site
  • In-house production from A to Z
  • Cooperation with Cleaning Masters for cleaning offices and sanitary facilities

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