The municipality of Lennik sees a “smooth, spontaneous and approachable partner” in Cleaning Masters

“I can say with conviction that quality has increased.”

Jos Pappaert, Facility Manager at the Municipality of Lennik

The municipality of Lennik has a lot to offer. Quiet walks in the countryside, pleasant cycling in a hilly landscape or pampering yourself with culinary delights. To ensure the cleanliness of the municipality, Lennik engaged Cleaning Masters. They take care of the cleaning of various buildings. “Right from the start, everything ran very spontaneously,” says Jos Pappaert, Facility manager at the municipality of Lennik.

Municipality of Lennik: green town in the Pajottenland

The Flemish-Brabant municipality of Lennik may not be the biggest tourist attraction, but its central location in the Pajottenland makes it the perfect place for a day out. “Lennik is a very large municipality in terms of area, but the population density is low. It is the Pajottenland here, so it’s very green,” says Jos Pappaert, Facility manager at the municipality of Lennik. “The cycling and walking tours are really beautiful here.”

Cleaning Masters - cleaning company

Besides the green landscape, Jos cites another Lennik asset. “There are quite a lot of restaurants here, we even have a starred restaurant. So you can indulge yourself gastronomically here, including the regional market, where you can buy tasty products straight from the farmer himself.”

Cleaning Masters cleans 10 buildings in the municipality of Lennik

As a Facility manager, Jos is responsible for managing all the buildings within the municipality. “This ranges from having new buildings built, their maintenance, energy improvements to cleaning. It’s very broad. In Lennik, we now have about 34 buildings active. Out of all of these, about a dozen are cleaned by Cleaning Masters. The sports hall, banquet halls, the town hall, the old fire station which is used for activities and the library.”

Follow-up as a strong point

The partnership with Cleaning Masters was set up together with Jos. “The big issue before the arrival of Cleaning Masters was that there was no follow-up with our previous partner. We saw a team boss maybe once every two months. And if there were any problems, they denied them, so to speak. They maintained the principle ‘just do something and send an invoice once in a while’. I can say with conviction that quality has increased enormously now. There is better cleaning and better follow-up. If those two things are there, the quality stays there. All other gains follow from that.”

“The inspection is very hands-on. If there are problems, she doesn’t deny them, she solves them.”

From the very first contact with Cleaning Masters, the feeling was absolutely right. “Everything went very spontaneously. The big advantage is that with the inspection, which is Sandy, we always have the same contact person. She is very hands-on. There is no brush available? Then she goes after it herself. If there are problems, she doesn’t deny them either. That’s very important. Problems occur all the time, people make mistakes. Then we visit together to see what is wrong. That way you don’t have to waste time on 27 useless e-mails.”

The municipality of Lennik: “Angela always leaves it like new”

When groups rent party rooms in Lennik, they have to look after the clean-up themselves afterwards. But this is far from always done smoothly. “Sometimes we have to send the emergency crew. We call it the ‘calamity clean-up’ here. This was necessary, for instance, after a 100-day party that got out of control. I received a message from Sandy the morning after the party. It was really incredible how the partiers had left the building behind. Then the emergency crew with Angela comes along, she does the tricky clean-up work. She does a really great job, when Angela has cleaned it, it’s like brand new,” Jos says with a smile.

Emergency crews have also had to visit the youth centre before. “That had not been checked by the municipality itself for years. We went there once and let’s call it ‘a surprise’ what we found there, to put it nicely. We even thought we had to tear down the plumbing and reorganise the entire structure. Angela and her team left it there completely cleaned up. What a great job.”

Cleaning Masters - window cleaning

“When the ‘emergency crew’ comes by, they make sure it looks brand new.”

Jos Pappaert - facility manager - municipality of Lennik

Total partner of the municipality of Lennik

Jos saw a striking evolution in the partnership. “The thing that has evolved over the past few years is that Cleaning Masters became more and more of a total partner. It’s not just the ‘regular’ cleaning, they also make sure, for example, that toilet paper is always replenished or that soap dispensers are present. Before, an in-house employee had to drive around for this, which was certainly not convenient.”

At the municipality of Lennik, they see in Cleaning Masters a ‘smooth, spontaneous and very accessible’ cleaning partner. “We recently entrusted four more buildings to Cleaning Masters. These buildings were cleaned by our own cleaning service, but that has changed now.”

The municipality of Lennik in brief

  • 9,488 inhabitants (2022)
  • Green region in the Pajottenland
  • Beautiful walking and cycling routes
  • Gastronomic enjoyment
  • Cooperation with Cleaning Masters for cleaning and window cleaning of various buildings

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