Cleaning Masters joins forces with River Cleanup to tackle single-use plastics

Single-use plastics, simply disposable plastics, are plastics that are used for one-time use or for a very short period. Think of plastic disposable cups, straws, bottles, packaging, coffee capsules, and so on. The list is endless, and its impact on the environment and our health is enormous. Plastic that we throw away eventually breaks down into smaller pieces. Even smaller than half a centimetre. Microplastics, as we call them. Often not visible to the naked eye, and they are everywhere.

Microplastics not only accumulate in our environment, think of the bottom of the ocean. They also find their way into our bodies. Through food, bottled water, and even through the air, they enter our bodies. Up to 5 grams per week. So, microplastics certainly have a significant impact on both our planet and our health.

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A thorough analysis of single-use plastics within Cleaning Masters

To reinforce the CSR policy of our organization, Cleaning Masters, in collaboration with River Cleanup, is fighting against single-use plastics. How do we do that? By tackling it step by step.

First, River Cleanup conducted a survey among the inspectors of Cleaning Masters. It was revealed, among other things, that there is a high level of concern among our employees about plastic pollution and microplastics, but there is also a high willingness to change habits. But what habits are we talking about?

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For this, River Cleanup conducted a scan of the overall operations of Cleaning Masters. All sources of single-use plastics were identified, discussed, and subjected to an impact/effort analysis.

‘Team Merksem’ finds good solutions and wins internal competition

After explaining the figures and results, the inspectors of Cleaning Masters were divided into different teams. During an internal competition, each team had to propose as many good solutions as possible to solve the problems identified in the scan. River Cleanup acted as the jury and declared team Merksem the winner. Based on the input from all teams, a concrete action plan was developed to significantly reduce single-use plastics within our cleaning division.

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Cleaning Masters takes concrete initiatives against single-use plastics

The action plan was drawn up, encompassing various solutions for eliminating many sources of plastic use. We want to:

  • maximize the use of 5L bottles or soluble tabs instead of 1-liter disposable bottles;
  • better and visually map the stock in our storage rooms to avoid excess ordering of materials and products;
  • map our total plastic usage in kilograms and set concrete goals based on that;
  • optimize waste management policies at our clients’ premises by sharing tips & tricks;
  • replace plastic packaging for workwear, cleaning products, and cleaning carts with sustainable alternatives;
  • increase awareness among our employees and appeal to their sense of responsibility through communication campaigns and toolbox training;
  • counter overdosing by installing dosing pumps on 5L bottles and dispensers and using soluble tabs;
  • use reusable microfiber cloths instead of disposable wipes;
  • opt for plastic-free employee and client gifts.

No more plastic disposable cups thanks to the auum-s

In addition to the above initiatives, Multi Masters Group said farewell to plastic disposable cups for coffee, among other things. Thanks to the auum-s, the sustainable alternative to disposable cups, our masters enjoy their coffee in a reusable glass that they can thoroughly clean in just 20 seconds with an absolute minimum of water.

A successful collaboration with River Cleanup

The fight against single-use plastics is certainly not the first or last collaboration between Multi Masters Group and River Cleanup. Together, we have already implemented many beautiful initiatives:

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