World Cleanup Day 2023: Multi Masters Group takes on the battle against litter

On Saturday, September 16, it’s time for World Cleanup Day once again. Multi Masters Group has been actively supporting the litter cleanup project of the organizer, River Cleanup, for several years now, and this year is no exception. We call upon our enthusiastic masters to once again contribute to this wonderful initiative.

World Cleanup Day: what is it?

World Cleanup Day is a global initiative focused on environmental consciousness. It is an annual litter cleanup event where various cleanup activities are organized all over the world. Who participates? Enthusiastic volunteers who proactively hit the streets to collect litter. The origin of this movement can be traced back to Estonia, where the “Let’s do it, World” movement was founded in 2008, giving birth to the first edition of World Cleanup Day in 2018.

Relive last year’s edition:

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River Cleanup organizes litter cleanup actions worldwide

In recent years, litter pollution has gained increased attention in our country, thanks in large part to River Cleanup. The organization describes itself as “a global network organization that prevents plastic from reaching our oceans by cleaning up rivers, changing behavior, and transforming organizations.”

World Cleanup Day - River Cleanup - Multi Masters Group

Under this motto, River Cleanup organizes various actions worldwide to significantly reduce litter. Their efforts have been highly successful, with impressive statistics since their foundation in 2017:

  • 4,856 organized events
  • 233,687 motivated volunteers
  • An astounding 3,433,466 kg of collected litter

Why are actions like World Cleanup Day necessary?

The actions led by River Cleanup represent a significant step forward in the battle against litter. It’s a cause we cannot afford to ignore. Why? River Cleanup explains, “Every year, a staggering 11 billion kilograms of plastic end up in our oceans, with a substantial portion originating from rivers. The presence of plastic in the environment can have severe consequences for the ecosystem.”

“On one hand, wildlife can become entangled in larger plastic debris. On the other hand, birds and aquatic creatures such as dolphins, turtles, and fish may mistake small pieces of plastic for food. The result: serious health problems that lead to injuries, illness, and often the death of affected animals.”

Multi Masters Group supports World Cleanup Day

As a long-standing partner of River Cleanup, Multi Masters Group has been actively contributing to World Cleanup Day for several years. In addition to financial support, we roll up our sleeves and actively participate in the fight against litter. We call on our masters to gather in large numbers on Saturday, September 16, to once again help clean up litter on World Cleanup Day. Last year, our masters collected over 995 kg of litter.

World Cleanup Day : a review to 2022 - Multi Masters Group - River Cleanup

Construct Masters to the rescue

At Construct Masters, our division specializing in welding and construction works, our employees went the extra mile and, at the request of River Cleanup, developed the River Skimmer. Our masters were responsible for designing and developing the machine. Subsequently, they installed the River Skimmer at Dok Noord in Ghent. The River Skimmer, thanks to innovative technology, continuously collects floating debris, effectively cleaning the water.

In addition to targeted actions, River Cleanup also focuses on raising awareness, particularly regarding plastic recycling. Recently, River Cleanup was declared the grand winner during the fourth edition of the Cisco Belux Innovation Challenge. With the EcoTwin, a container for collecting plastic bottles for recycling, the non-profit organization convinced the jury and secured the first place. Construct Masters also provided valuable support by developing the EcoBin, the basic model of the EcoTwin.

River Skimmer - Thomas De Groot - River Cleanup - River Skimmer built by Construct Masters

Join the battle against litter yourself

Want to do your bit for a cleaner environment? Then take part in one of the many litter campaigns over the next few days. You can find the full calendar via this link. The main event in Belgium will take place Saturday 16 September at 2pm at the Waagnatie in Antwerp (Rijnkaai 150).

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