Cleaning Masters welcomes Robby, the fully automated cleaning robot

At the end of 2020 the cleaning specialists of Multi Masters Group welcomed a special team member: a brand new cleaning robot. This clever piece of cleaning technology offers many advantages.

Digitalisation and robotisation are on the rise, also in the cleaning industry. Cleaning a 1000 m² floor is no longer done with a mop, but with professional scrubber driers. With a fully automated cleaning robot, Cleaning Masters goes one step further.

schoonmaakrobot - robot de nettoyage - cleaning robot

OPEX manager Rob Vleugels explains: “The Nilfisk Liberty, with a scrubber deck of 50 cm width and a capacity of 57 litres of water, can clean large surfaces completely autonomously. It can also be operated manually as a scrubber drier.”

The result? A thorough cleaning in no time.

The cleaning robot calculates most efficient route

Cleaning Masters’ cleaning robot is operational in a sports hall for exemple. “A large, free surface in a sports hall is the ideal place to deploy a cleaning robot,” explains Rob Vleugels. Our cleaning robot is also a suitable solution in shopping centres, large industrial halls, party halls and offices with long, wide corridors.

The robot learns quickly: you can adjust it to the size of each space. There are two ways to do this. In the ‘copycat’ method, the operator first pre-drives the route himself. The robot not only remembers the route, but also the desired scrubbing pressure, the speed and the soap consumption.

In the ‘fill-in’ method, the robot is driven along the contours of a room. It then automatically calculates the most efficient route within that defined zone.

By scanning a QR code, the robot knows perfectly which route it has to take. Moreover, the operators receive a text message at the beginning and end of a session or when problems arise.

Advantages of the cleaning robot

The advantages are numerous. “We can work even more efficiently and at the same time experience less time pressure,” says Rob Vleugels. So it’s a win-win situation: the customer is assured of a clean result, and our cleaning masters have more time to thoroughly tackle other areas or perform other tasks.

From cleaner to operator

Can a cleaning robot replace a cleaner? In short: no. “A cleaning robot does not take over the work, but it does make it easier,” it sounds. The cleaner is still the operator of the machine. “An employee is always needed to start up the robot correctly, maintain it properly and charge it in time.” This is why we also speak of a ‘cobot’ in the sector: a collaborative robot. So technology goes hand in hand with the craftsmanship of our cleaning masters.

Smarter cleaning

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