School cleaning: how to keep your school clean and healthy?

Cleaning in a school is one of the factors contributing to a healthy learning environment for pupils and teaching staff. Besides balanced school meals and sufficient space and activity during breaks. Cleaning company Cleaning Masters gives you some tips to make your school a clean, hygienic environment.

Keep corridors clean and unobstructed

Hundreds of pupils walk through the school corridors every day, often at the same time. It is therefore no surprise that slips, trips and falls are among the main causes of injuries to pupils. Because such accidents are still too frequent, it is essential that the corridors throughout the school building are clean and free of hazards. An effective way to ensure this is to appoint a staff member to check the corridors at quiet times, before pupils walk around. During class hours, for example.

Een goede, professionele schoonmaak is een belangrijke voorwaarde voor een gezonde leeromgeving - Multi Masters Group.

In addition, mopping and vacuuming the floors should be done outside school hours as much as possible. Do certain rooms need to be cleaned during the day? If so, indicate this clearly with warning signs such as ‘Wet floor’.

Disinfect surfaces regularly

So many children sitting close together during the day: classrooms are an ideal breeding ground for colds, flu and other viruses. To prevent the spread of diseases and bacteria within the school environment, one of the most effective ways is regularly cleaning the classrooms.

Make sure that staff take time between lessons and at the end of the school day to clean and disinfect all work surfaces. Desks, computers, chairs, … This is easily done with a cloth and the appropriate disinfectant spray.

A clean school is more than cleaning: invest in dispensers

Children share various school supplies throughout the day, such as schoolbooks or pens. Providing sufficient disinfection and soap dispensers in the school building is an excellent way to prevent the spread of bacteria, and therefore diseases.

Investeren in dispensers is een belangrijke toegevoegde waarde voor de schoonmaak van een school - Multi Masters Group.

The ideal place for this is at the entrance of classrooms. That way, everyone can disinfect his or her hands before sharing supplies. It is also important to encourage the children to keep disinfecting their hands regularly. The corona pandemic already taught us this habit, but in general it remains fairly new, especially for children.

Call in a professional company for the cleaning of your school

A thorough, high-quality cleaning of your school is of course no small job. The many different rooms and the frequency of cleaning will quickly take up a lot of time with limited resources. That’s why hiring a professional cleaning company can be a solution.

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