Willems Veranda’s is very happy with Cleaning Masters cleaning its showrooms and offices

Cleaning showrooms is specialist work, especially for a company like Willems Veranda’s. With the delivery of 1,300 verandas a year and a customer base of more than 30,000 satisfied customers in Belgium, Willems Veranda’s is the undisputed market leader in veranda construction. And what is Cleaning Masters‘ contribution to this? Well, we look after the cleaning of the showrooms and the offices and this to everyone’s satisfaction.

Ian Michiels (Veranda's Willems) is very happy with Cleaning Masters cleaning the showrooms and offices.
Ian Michiels (Willems Veranda’s): “Cleaning Masters has a clear plan of action.”

Verandas involve a lot of glass, we don’t need to tell you. And you don’t get a second chance at a first impression when visiting a showroom. Even more important, then, to make sure the cleaning of the showrooms is perfect. Ian Michiels, responsible for infrastructure at Willems Veranda’s, explains how Cleaning Masters became the reliable partner he was looking for.

“Cleaning Masters is a well-oiled machine.”

Follow-up of the cleaning of the showrooms

The major lack at Willems Veranda’s in the past was good and efficient follow-up. They found that at Cleaning Masters. “In the past, we were always faced with fait accompli, there was no communication. Cleaning Masters takes this completely in hand. The showroom managers tell me the same.”

Cleaning Masters looks after the cleaning of the showrooms and offices at Willems Veranda's.


Much of the follow-up has to do with Multidesk. “Through Multidesk, we can report very easily. We use the online platform to track everything, but also to send out communications to the right people.”

Standards and values

Masters, respect, trust and no-nonsense: these values Multi Masters Group wants to bring to all its customers. “From my first contact with the inspection of Cleaning Masters, it became clear: they carry these values very highly. They have a clear plan of action. I would even dare to say that Cleaning Masters is a well-oiled machine.”

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