Willems Veranda’s on the successful collaboration with Multi Masters Group’s cleaning division:

“Cleaning Masters is a well-oiled machine”

Ian Michiels of Willems Veranda's is very happy with the cleaning services offered by Cleaning Masters.

Willems Veranda’s is the undisputed market leader in Belgium in veranda construction. At the end of 2021, Ian Michiels, responsible for infrastructure, started looking for a new facilities service provider. During that search, he became impressed with Cleaning Masters.

Market leader in Belgium

Whoever in Belgium says verandas, says Willems Veranda’s. The company was founded in 1984 and has since become the biggest Belgian player in veranda construction. “That is mainly because of price-quality,” says Ian Michiels, responsible for the fleet and infrastructure. “From production to installation: we handle everything in-house. Every year we deliver around 1,300 projects, mainly to private individuals.”

Top quality at an affordable price

A key word in Willems Veranda’s growth since its launch has been innovation. Ian clarifies, “We are always skimming the market looking for new techniques that we can implement in our range. This often has to do with insulation, where we really strive for the highest level. You have to find an ideal balance between keeping the heat out as much as possible in summer and just the opposite in winter.”

Cleaning Masters is the cleaning partner of Willems Veranda's.

Cleaning Masters immediately stood out

In September 2021, Willems Veranda’s began its search of a new cleaning partner. They found that with Cleaning Masters. “We were looking for a company to replace our old partner. That cooperation didn’t really go well. Communication was difficult and the quality delivered didn’t meet the standards either. Then we tried to solve it internally for a while, but also that became too difficult. We compared several firms and Cleaning Masters came out on top, the connection was there immediately.”

“What struck us most during the start-up was the way of follow-up. There is effectively a follow-up system behind the cleaning. That was the big thing missing: in the past we were always faced with fait accompli, there was no communication. Cleaning Masters takes this completely in hand. I now hear the same from the showroom managers.”

Willems Veranda’s communicates with Cleaning Masters via Multidesk

For Ian, the digital platform Multidesk is an important factor in smooth communication. “Via Multidesk, we can report very easily. We use it to track everything, but also to send communications to the right people. Clear agreements have been made around this: communication only goes through me. I also see all e-mails passing from the inspection to the cleaning department. Both the showroom manager and myself are always in cc, so we are always well informed.”

“But I can also always contact Glenn, my contact within Multi Masters Group. We once had a problem with invoicing. There were some difficulties between our accounts and those of Multi Masters Group. I communicated that to Glenn and it was solved immediately. That’s the big advantage: communicatively it works very well.”

Cleaning Masters takes it all in their hands, we missed that with our previous partner.”

We will look after it

What was very important to Ian was that the new cleaning partner would take the burden completely off his shoulders. The Multi Masters Group slogan does not simply go ‘We will look after it’. “Cleaning Masters is committed to flexibility and making good arrangements. In theory, you can sell everything, but the practice has to be there too.”

Masters, respect, trust and no-nonsense: these values are what Multi Masters Group wants to bring to all its customers. “From my first contact with the inspection, it became clear: they carry these values very highly. They have a clear plan of action.”

Willems Veranda’s wanted just the same experience that their own customers want when a veranda is installed. You arrive and after a week the veranda is there. We make good agreements about which there should be no discussion. That is very important for good cooperation. We had the same feeling with Cleaning Masters: alright, these are professionals.”

Willems Veranda's is very happy with the cleaning services offered by Cleaning Masters.

“We aim for a long-term collaboration in mutual trust.”

Cleaning Masters, cleaning partner of Willems Veranda's.

Willems Veranda’s on Cleaning Masters: “A well-oiled machine”

Besides regular cleaning in the office buildings, Cleaning Masters also takes care of façade cleaning and window cleaning of the verandas in the showrooms. “It goes without saying that verandas involve a lot of windows. If we have an open house, for example, we have to be able to rely completely on the window cleaner. The verandas have to shine, and Cleaning Masters succeeds in that with brilliance to date.”

Is there anything Ian would like to change about the collaboration? “No, the cooperation is running fine. I would even dare to say it is a well-oiled machine. Currently, Cleaning Masters operates in three showrooms for cleaning and window cleaning. In time, it is even planned to outsource all. I also know that Multi Masters Group offers a huge number of services, green maintenance for instance. If the time ever presents itself to look for a partner for this, Green Masters will definitely be considered.”

Since February 2023, Cleaning Masters provides cleaning and glass washing services at all Willems Veranda’s branches in Belgium.

About Willems Veranda’s

  • Undisputed market leader in Belgium
  • Annual delivery of 1,300 projects
  • 8 branches across Belgium and more than 30,000 satisfied customers
  • Partnership with Cleaning Masters for regular cleaning, window cleaning and façade cleaning of showrooms and office buildings

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