Make the collaboration with your facilities partner a success: 4 steps toward an effective partnership

In a previous article, we discussed our step-by-step plan for finding your ideal facilities partner. In this article, we discuss an important follow-up: maintaining a good, effective and positive cooperation with your facilities partner. For this too, our specialists drew up a detailed step-by-step plan to make the collaboration a success. Discover it in the article below.

How to make the collaboration with your facilities partner a success? - Multi Masters Group

Step 1: Ensure smooth implementation and productive collaboration

You have been able to make a good and well-considered choice and you enter into cooperation with a facilities partner. Then it is a matter of ensuring that the cooperation is also effectively a success formula. A few points of attention:

  • Follow a good communication plan: who is your contact person, when will communication take place and through which channels? If these things are clearly defined, the first step toward a lasting, smooth cooperation has already been taken. Also make sure that your internal teams know who to contact with their questions. If you have urgent questions yourself, it is important to know which number is always available for any emergencies.
  • Establish measurable KPIs: in theory, everything seems good, communication is smooth and the feeling is right. But is your new partner effectively doing what is expected of him? Set a few KPIs in advance and check whether they are being achieved during the course of the collaboration. This way you will know in time where and when adjustments need to be made. A partner with a proactive approach and its own inspection team offers great added value here.

Step 2: Monitor and optimize continuously

A collaboration also means that both sides can learn from each other. Therefore, identify where things can be optimized and therefore keep monitoring everything.

  • Evaluate timely: set fixed times/frequencies when you take a moment to review the work provided. This gives you the chance to check whether your facilities partner is meeting your expectations.
  • Encourage mutual, open feedback: the key to successful cooperation is good communication and both parties being open to constructive feedback. Therefore, discuss strategically with your partner what challenges, if any, you can proactively address.

Step 3: Be flexible and keep improving to make the collaboration a success

In a dynamic work environment, a flexible approach is essential to make the collaboration with your facilities partner a success. Therefore, understand that business conditions can change and that a rigid approach can hinder the growth of collaboration.

  • Anticipate change: be ahead of surprises and anticipate changing conditions. What are new opportunities in the market? New trends in the industry? Keep a proactive attitude and also discuss this with your partner in time.
  • Learn and evolve together: by learning with and from your partner, you create a culture of mutual growth. Therefore, exchange insights and experiences with each other. New, innovative ideas offer the chance to look at things with a fresh perspective.

Step 4: Establish a positive relationship

Building a positive relationship with your facilities partner is the key to a lasting and fruitful partnership. Building trust and transparency lays the foundation for a successful long-term partnership.

  • Be honest in communication: is there a problem with the service? Then clearly express it with your partner. A good partner will not deny problems but address them purposefully. In turn, a good partner will proactively express problems or possible improvements themselves.
  • Pursue a win-win approach: a successful partnership is not a one-way street. A partnership literally means what it says: working together. Therefore, always keep the following thought in mind: ‘How can we both benefit from working together?’

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Outsourcing facility services can provide significant benefits, but it is a process that requires careful planning and implementation. With this checklist, you will be well prepared to outsource your facilities services in the best way possible. Do you need further guidance and advice on facilities management and services? Then be sure to contact us to see what we can do for your company.

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