Marichal Ketin chooses Cleaning Masters’ cleaning services: “We don’t have to follow up on anything”

At Marichal Ketin, they started looking for a cleaning partner who would roll up his sleeves. “It is not the same as cleaning a bank. It is very dirty here and it is not an easy job,” says purchasing manager Marie Pierre Lambotte. The foundry eventually engaged Cleaning Masters to clean its office areas and sanitary facilities.

Marie Pierre Lambot - testimonial on the cleaning at Marichal Ketin executed by Cleaning Masters (Multi Masters Group)

Reliable and flexible

With a site with more than 140 employees and an in-house production from A to Z, it is no coincidence that cleaning at Marichal Ketin is a tough job. The hours are not always easy either, as the working days there start at 6am. The company therefore went in search of a reliable partner with the necessary flexibility.

“Since working with Cleaning Masters, things have been going admirably well.”

In the past, Marichal Ketin worked with its own cleaning staff and then with a number of other partners. But the collaborations were never really on point. And then Cleaning Masters came into the picture. Marie Pierre Lambotte was already hearing good things about our cleaning division from similar facilities. “Since we work with Cleaning Masters, things have been going admirably well,” Marie Pierre says. “We don’t have to follow up on anything.”

Cleaning at Marichal Ketin is executed by the dynamic team of Cleaning Masters

Marichal Ketin on the cleaning services: “Cleaning Masters has the professionals”

Not having to follow up on anything is obviously one less worry. Multi Masters Group wants to completely unburden its clients from all its divisions and that approach is greatly appreciated at Marichal Ketin. “This is really the first time we can count on a company to take care of everything. It’s one less worry,” it sounds.

“This is really the first time we can count on a company to take care of everything.”

With responsiveness and professionalism, Marie Pierre cites two success factors of Cleaning Masters. “You don’t have to explain anything. Cleaning Masters has the professionals and they tell you how they work to get the best results.”

A partnership to build upon

The cooperation tastes like more. In the past two years, for instance, the foundry also had its dressing rooms disinfected by Cleaning Masters. “We wouldn’t want anything else in our cooperation,” Marie Pierre concludes. “In time, we even consider other Multi Masters Group services.”

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