Tailor-made facilities services for schools: find out how Multi Masters Group can also unburden your school

Schools play a crucial role in encouraging the development of our future generations. While the main focus is on providing quality education, the importance of efficient and well-run facilities services for schools cannot be underestimated. Facilitating a safe, comfortable and stimulating learning environment is essential for student growth and development. But what exactly can a facilities management company, such as Multi Masters Group, help a school with?

Maintenance and repairs

Maintaining well-functioning physical infrastructure is essential for schools. Regular maintenance and repairs ensure that facilities such as the buildings, classrooms, playgrounds and sports halls remain in optimal condition. This includes fixing faulty plumbing, electrical systems, heating and cooling, lighting, fixing any leaks or damage to infrastructure, and so on. A well-maintained school environment contributes not only to the optimal state of the infrastructure, but also to the safety, health and satisfaction of both students and staff.

Facilites services for schools - technical maintenance (Multi Masters Group)

Sustainability and energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important, including in schools. Implementing energy-saving measures, such as using energy-efficient lighting, controlling heating and cooling based on usage, and promoting awareness among students and staff can help lower energy costs and reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

Cleaning services

Hygiene is crucial in a school environment. Schools therefore need professional cleaning that ensures a clean and healthy environment. This includes daily cleaning of classrooms, corridors, washrooms, common areas, …. Regular cleaning of surfaces, floors and maintaining proper sanitary facilities also contributes to disease prevention. And it promotes the well-being of both students and staff.

Facilities services in schools - cleaning (Multi Masters Group)

Green maintenance

A pleasant and green environment promotes a positive learning experience. A facilities management company offers schools professional green space and landscape management services to ensure that outdoor spaces are well maintained. This ranges from mowing lawns to pruning trees and shrubs, planting and maintaining gardens and ensuring a clean and attractive environment in which students can relax and play. But even in winter, during the snowy months, the help of a facilities partner is no unnecessary luxury. Our colleagues at Green Masters not only help with the real ‘green’ maintenance. But also ensure safe, snow-free paths to school and within the school environment.

Facilities services in schools - green maintenance (Multi Masters Group)

Security and safety

A safe learning environment is obviously a priority for schools. Both for students, staff and other visitors. Implementing effective security measures should ensure that students and staff feel safe. This includes security personnel, access control systems and regular review and updating of security protocols. In addition, schools should also comply with fire safety regulations and have emergency plans in case of emergencies.

Managing facilities services in schools

Facility management is an integral part of effectively managing school facilities. It includes planning, coordinating and managing various facility activities. A professional facility management service provider such as Multi Masters Group can help schools optimise space utilisation. But also manage maintenance contracts, coordinate removals and manage facility budgets, contributing to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of school facility tasks.

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