Need a fire and safety guard? Safety Masters will look after it

“A fire and safety guard, that’s a service we didn’t offer until recently. With the start of Safety Masters we have found a way to solve this problem”, says manager Filip Pellens. Safety Masters is the tenth division of Multi Masters Group.

“Some activities require the presence of a so-called ‘first line fire and safety guard’. For instance, think about the activities of our technical divisions Techni Masters, Maintenance Masters and Construct Masters. In our mission statement we point out that we want to unburden our customers completely so that they can concentrate on their mission. With the launch of Safety Masters we are taking another important step forward in this respect.”

Looking for a fire and safety guard? Safety Masters will look after it.

Fire and safety guard: safety above all

The role of the ‘safety masters’ is very important. “After all, the safety of everyone present – visitors, employees, customers and so on – is crucial.” In companies where there is an increased risk of fire or explosions, the fire guard supervises safety. In carrying out his duties, he relies mainly on the risk analysis. With this information in mind, he knows how to limit the risks to the absolute minimum.

He checks whether the workers have received the correct training. Whether they are in order with the required licences. He checks the correct use of the personal protection equipment (PPE) and the application of the safety protocols. The fire and safety guard can also carry out gas and oxygen measurements. If calamities occur, he intervenes immediately. He is trained to fight starting fires and provide first aid.

In which sectors is a fire and safety guard is needed?

“Then we mainly look at industrial companies. In the petrochemical sector, the fire guard is indispensable. But also think of the ship industry. Actually, the working area of the fire or safety guard is very broad. Wherever welding work is done, where people work in confined spaces, where gases may be released, in short, where there is a safety risk, a fire watcher is necessary.”

When working in dangerous areas, a fire and safety guard is indispensable.

Synergy with Security Masters

Safety Masters functions within Multi Masters Group as a department of Security Masters. “Both security guards and fire and security guards fall under ‘Joint Committee 317 – Security and/or Surveillance Services’. That offers opportunities for synergy: we are about to start up a project at a large company in the port of Antwerp, where we supply both security guards and fire guards. Both teams work under one project manager. That facilitates communication and cooperation.

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