A sustainable business card: Multi Masters Group works on new building in Flémalle

At the end of 2022, the first shovel for a new sustainable building was put into the ground in Flémalle. Since then, the work on Multi Masters Group‘s new building in the Liège region has made good progress. As in Roeselare, sustainability was taken into account in the building plan. Rob Vleugels, Manager general services at Multi Masters Group, explains more about the ambitious plans.

Sustainable building: commitment to energy efficiency

Multi Masters Group is building towards the future. Not only with a well thought-out vision and service, but also literally. In mid-November 2022, our masters in the West Flanders region already made the move to the new building in Roeselare. The new base in Flémalle (Liège) will be more or less a copy of the building in Roeselare. There are obviously different accents here and there, but the common thread remained the same: sustainability.

Facility services provider Multi Masters Group builds a new sustainable building in Flémalle, near Liège.

To boost energy efficiency, additional solar panels will be provided in Flémalle. “We decided to use thicker material when building the roof. This ensures that we can nicely fill the roof with different solar panels,” says Manager general services Rob Vleugels. “In Roeselare, this was not possible, but here in Flémalle we can also put solar panels above the warehouse. So the EPC value is very low, it’s a very sustainable building.”

We reduce our waste in our new sustainable building

AQUALEX taps are also provided in the kitchens in Flémalle. “Through these taps, we can provide both flat and sparkling water, as well as hot water. Drinkable, of course,” says Rob. In this way, Multi Masters Group reduces its waste. No more plastic bottles need to be purchased, so there is less waste. In addition, this tap also saves us the necessary car trips to the supermarket.

“The EPC value will be very low, so it is going to be a very sustainable building.”

At our headquarters at Merksem, our employees have recently started using waste islands. “The intention is to extend this to the other buildings. Both Roeselare and Flémalle. With these waste islands we ensure streamlined waste management and eliminate the various waste bins at each desk.”

Facility services provider Multi Masters Group builds a new sustainable building in Flémalle (Liège).

Green mobility and recovery of rainwater

In a sustainable building, charging stations obviously cannot be missing. “True,” Rob continues. “We provide about 21 parking spaces. Charging posts will be installed in four places. At the entrance itself there will be a double charging station, where visitors can charge their cars. The rest will be located at the back for our staff. There will also be a bicycle shed, equipped with electricity to charge electric bicycles. That way we give our employees an extra incentive to take their bikes.”

Multi Masters Group - new sustainable building in Flémalle (Liège).

A ‘wadi’ will also be provided at the entrance to the new building. “To collect rainwater, we have to create a wadi according to the building regulations. Thanks to this little pond, we can collect rainwater and then recover it.”

Looking forward to summer

Work is nicely on schedule. “Indeed, if everything keeps running smoothly, our colleagues in Flémalle will be able to move into the new sustainable building before the summer holidays. We are already looking forward to it,” Rob concludes.

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