Sto sees that Cleaning Masters looks after the human dimension of their cleaners: “One can see clearly that they feel valued”

The partnership between Sto and Cleaning Masters, the cleaning division of the Multi Masters Group, is based on cooperation. Cooperation is understood to mean ‘working together’. Both partners have committed themselves to communicating transparently and to making good arrangements in every respect of their partnership. Rebecca George, Finance, admin, HR & IT assistant at Sto, sees it clearly : “When people are sincere, one can feel it. That is why I have chosen Cleaning Masters.” Find out what Rebecca also tells about the partnership of Sto and Cleaning Masters.

Rebecca George - Sto: heel tevreden over het partnership met Cleaning Masters

The same operating vision

In September 2022, the building product specialist Sto entrusted Cleaning Masters with the regular cleaning of their StoShop in Ghent. Subsequently, the office building and the StoShop in Asse were added to the cleaning package. As Rebecca had led a cleaning business for several years, she knew exactly what she sought from a new partner.

“It is not in my nature to say that the previous cleaning team was not good. However, their work gave rise to frequent complaints. Nevertheless, a partnership is and remains a partnership. It is also up to us to tell out partners in a timely fashion when the work performed fails to meet our expectations. As the job of a cleaner is often thankless, I believe it is important  to have transparent communication between partners to ascertain mutual expectations and thereby avoid the occurrence of any needless misunderstandings or the emergence of any unnecessary frustrations.”

Respect for cleaners

Rebecca has seen during the partnership that Cleaning Masters respectfully handle their personnel. “Cleaning Masters deal with their cleaning teams in a respectful way. By treating their personnel with dignity, the Multi Masters Group also show respect to us, as a client. The cleaning masters working here show this in their demeanour at work, but also through the work performed and their attitude.”

Cleaning Masters - Sto partenariat - partnership

Sincere communication

In addition to the human contacts with the cleaners, Rebecca also enjoys a good understanding with the contact persons at Cleaning Masters. “Communication is one thing, but there is also the way in which people communicate. Sincerity can be felt. I am not impressed by mere sales pitches. That is why I did not choose other companies.”

A comprehensive partner

Apart from cleaning, the Multi Masters Group also offers a lot of additional services. Rebecca is aware of it. “This gave the Multi Masters Group a clear advantage. We know that our partnership can be extended to include work like window cleaning or green care. The availability of such services is a nice advantage.”

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