Terre au féminin thanks Multi Masters Group for donating laptops

“Thank you for your generosity. With this donation you confirm once again your social commitment ‘Social and cultural development’.” These fine words are contained in a letter we received last week from the non-profit organisation Terre au Féminin. The reason was the donation of laptops.

In 2007, the non-profit organisation Modibo was founded. The aim was to raise money so that poor children in Burkina Faso can receive an education. “Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world,” says Raphaël Scheers, one of the driving forces behind Modibo. “Education there is paying. Thanks to generous donors, we have ensured that already 93 poor children can go to school. Some of the first young people we supported are now going to university.”

Last year, Terre au Féminin, a second non-profit organisation, was founded by the same people. It bought a 7-hectare plot of land near Bobo-Dioulasso, the second largest city in Burkina Faso after Ouagadougou. “The aim of this project was to teach the women of the village of Kouakoualé to grow their own vegetables. With the help of a local bio-engineer, we sowed sesame and soya on our land.”

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly. “Our first harvest failed due to an acute lack of water. But we didn’t get stuck. In the meantime, we set up an action to drill a well. In addition, we contacted the local Agricultural School to see if they could support us. During an introductory meeting with the management it turned out that they are facing a huge shortage of resources and materials.”

Nice gesture

That is where Multi Masters Group comes into the picture. “Indeed, I contacted you with the question if you could help us. A week later, you sent me a package of laptops. In this way, Multi Masters Group not only supported the students of the Agricultural School, but also our project. Because your laptops convinced the school to help us. Together with us, they are now going to teach the local people how to garden.”

However, this does not solve all the problems by a long shot. “The corona pandemic takes away all the attention. That’s logical, of course, but in the meantime the problems in Africa continue to exist. That’s why we think it’s such a wonderful gesture from Multi Masters Group that you are prepared to help us in these times”, concludes Raphaël Scheers. And so we are back to the letter with which it all started.

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Raphaël Scheers overhandigt de laptops van Multi Masters Group aan de directie van de Landbouwschool in Bobo-Dioulasso.
Raphaël Scheers donates the Multi Masters Group’s laptops to the management of the Agricultural school in Bobo-Dioulasso.
De vrouwen van Kouakoualé werken op het veld.
The women of Kouakoualé work on the field to grow their own vegetables.
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