Jan Michiels (Vivaldis Interim) on the successful partnership with Cleaning Masters:

“Thanks to their nationwide coverage, our offices all over the country are cleaned in the same way”

Jan Michiels (Vivaldis Interim) praat over de samenwerking met schoonmaakbedrijf Cleaning Masters (divisie van Multi Masters Group)

Vivaldis Interim is an interim agency for people and by people. The first office opened in 1991. Meanwhile, we are several dozen offices further, but the quality service and personal approach remained the same. In 2015, Vivaldis Interim found the ideal cleaning match in Cleaning Masters. “In fact, Cleaning Masters does more than we expect,” says Facility Coordinator Jan Michiels.

The SME in flexible employment

“Vivaldis, that’s the Friday night feeling on a Monday morning. Singing along with the radio and not looking at your watch. Looking up surprised that your workday is already over. Finding joy in what you do.” Jan Michiels, Facility coordinator at Vivaldis Interim, personifies the positive vibe that prevails in the HR office. “Whether it’s a work day or a weekend day, I enjoy both equally. Facility is an industry that offers a solution to a wide range of problems and continues to search until a solution is found. It’s a motivating thought that we go the extra mile to provide the right comfort for people.”

Cleaning at Vivaldis Interim is executed by Cleaning Masters (Multi Masters Group)

Professional, but warmhearted

Vivaldis Interim helps people find the right job and does so in a personal way. “We are close to both our candidates and our external partners. Everyone is ready to help each other. This flat structure ensures close ties between the various departments. The same is true for the companies we work with.”

Since 2015, Cleaning Masters has been Vivaldis Interim’s regular cleaning partner. “My first contact was a pleasant conversation with open communication on all aspects,” says Jan. “I immediately received a clear explanation about the cooperation. You immediately felt that things were professional, but also warmhearted. To this day, that has remained unchanged. We have one permanent contact person and she is always available. Although we actually have relatively little contact, which in itself proves that things are going well. Cleaning Masters knows our approach and responds well to it.”

National coverage is appreciated by Vivaldis Interim

In 2008, Vivaldis Interim experienced an exponential growth following an acquisition. “Since then, we have been established in 65 different locations, have branches from the coast to the Ardennes. Our Ostend and Liège offices are more than 200 km apart and they are all cleaned by Cleaning Masters. When you want to manage such a large office network, a partner that offers national coverage is the ideal solution. That removes a major concern for us.”

If a specific job comes in, such as carpet cleaning, we know we can turn to Cleaning Masters for that too.”

“It is practically impossible to be everywhere at once, but Cleaning Masters has an ideal solution for us for that too. With one single point of contact and an internal inspection, our cleaning partner ensures smooth cooperation. If a specific job comes in, such as carpet cleaning, we know we can turn to Cleaning Masters for that too.”

“The masters do more than we expect”

Mastery, respect, no-nonsense and trust. Our masters uphold our company values. “And we really see that reflected, you just feel it in the way we work,” says Jan. “We notice that the familial and sustainable approach of Cleaning Masters is really there. No-nonsense and hands-on. If there are problems, solutions are offered. If there are deviations from business as usual, they are discussed. There is respect and commitment from everyone.”

“In fact, the masters who clean our offices do more than we expect. If they see something small that they can still fix, they will. In short, removing a concern. At one point during the summer, we were bothered by small flies. While we were still looking for a solution through other partners, I got a call the same day. Cleaning Masters had already solved it. We were even given additional tips to prevent it in the future.”

Vivaldis Interim relies on Cleaning Masters for cleaning and window washing. (Multi Masters Group)

“For us, Cleaning Masters is a long-term partner that takes away our facility concerns.”

Cleaning - by Cleaning Masters (Multi Masters Group)

Vivaldis Interim and Cleaning Masters: a partnership that lasts

In early 2023, Vivaldis Interim’s headquarters moved to the heart of Antwerp. “When we open new offices, we have an eye for the environment. We work with the latest technologies and materials to make this happen. Sustainability is important to us. We are even currently switching to a fully electric fleet of no less than 150 cars. A sustainable cleaning partner is therefore an absolute must for us.”

According to Jan, a sustainable partner not only operates in an environmentally conscious manner, but also meets other requirements. “A central point of contact and open communication, market-based prices, quality service and flexibility along both sides. If these things are there, there is also a sustainable partnership. And there certainly is with Cleaning Masters.”

About Vivaldis Interim

  • Interim agency headquartered in Antwerp
  • Founded in 1991
  • Focus on technically skilled workers in various niches: construct, office, finance, drivers, …
  • Collaboration with Cleaning Masters for cleaning and window cleaning of 85 offices on 65 sites across Belgium

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