Corporate social responsibility at Multi Masters Group: CO2 neutral by 2026 as main target

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the common thread running through Multi Masters Group‘s policy. The main target of the CSR plan is ‘CO2 neutral by 2026′. Managing director Philip Paelinck is happy to give an extra word on our ambitious goal.

Corporate sociale responsibility: Building on and for the future

The common thread running through the general policy of Multi Masters Group and its French parent company Samsic is corporate social responsibility. “Commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness: we obviously attach great importance to that,” says Philip Paelinck. “It is therefore our intention to go for CO2 neutral by 2026. In that respect, we have already taken some important steps.”

Corporate social responsibility - new sustainable buildings - Multi Masters Group
New sustainable buildings for Multi Masters Group’s branches. In Roeselare (left) the building is completely finished, in Flémalle (right) works are in full swing.

With the construction of three new office buildings, in Merksem, Roeselare and Flémalle, we are already thinking ahead. “When building our new offices, sustainability is our central objective. We will use heat pumps, solar panels and the latest techniques in solar shading. That way it will require less energy to heat and cool.”

Corporate social responsibility: mobility

In the plan around corporate social responsibility, the vehicle fleet also receives due attention. This is going green. “We are taking a broader view, we are greening mobility in general. One of the ways we are doing this is by offering our employees electric bicycles and providing a charging point in the bicycle car park. For those who come by electric car, we also provide sufficient charging stations.”

“With the electric cars at the airport, we are taking a nice step forward in terms of sustainability and service.”

Mobility Masters all-electric at the airport

Our mobility masters are setting a good example, as they have recently started driving electric cars at the airport. Mobility Masters cleans around 30,000 aircraft every year and the cleaners drive the necessary distances on the tarmac. With the 4 electric cars, Mobility Masters is already responding to the Belgian government’s plan to work towards switching to electric company cars by 2026.

Corporate social responsibility - Multi Masters Group - electric cars for Mobility Masters
Mobility Masters chooses electric cars.

“At Mobility Masters, we didn’t think we should wait until 2026 to make that electric switch. That’s why we purchased 4 fully electric vehicles,” says Philip Paelinck. “With these cars, we offer our cleaning teams an environmentally friendly alternative to move around the airport.”

Corporate social responsibility at Samsic: planting 100.000 trees

One of the focal points of Samsic’s ambitious ‘Planet 2030’ CSR plan is its tree-planting campaign. “Samsic will plant a total of 100,000 trees by 2030 in all the countries where it operates. As the largest subsidiary outside France, we will of course also take our responsibility in this.”

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