Facilities sector trends for 2022 (part 5): emphasis on perception of cleaning

We conclude our series on trends for 2022 in the facilities sector with the increasing emphasis on the perception of cleaning.

The difference between cleaning quality and cleaning experience

Cleaning quality is a snapshot. It is the result of a quality measurement (for example QMS). The score of this measurement is based on the presence or absence of dust, stains and other pollution. So it is actually an objective check whether the cleaning company achieves the agreed quality level.

The perception of cleaning is much broader. If someone describes his experience in a certain building, he appeals to all his senses. It is about what he smells, hears, sees and feels in that space. The perception of cleaning is therefore very subjective. Studies have proved that it has a positive influence on productivity and study success.

Een van de trends voor 2022 in de facilitaire diensten is een toenemende nadruk op de schoonmaakbeleving.

It is the dream of every facility manager that in his building or company not only the cleaning quality is in order, but that the perception of cleaning is also positive. That the users of the building experience their stay there as something positive.

The link between cleaning quality and cleaning experience

Although the perception of cleaning and cleaning quality are very different, there is a clear connection between them. Many factors influence the perception, but good cleaning quality is a prerequisite for a positive experience. In other words, if the quality of cleaning is inadequate, the perception will also be negative.

As a consequence, is the perception always positive if the cleaning is in order? Not always. From the moment the technical cleaning quality reaches a certain level, its influence on the perception flattens out. Other factors are then decisive. The furnishing of the building, the smell in the room, the colours, the light…

Cleaning remains an important factor

But even at this level, the cleaning continues to play a role. The people present also play an important role. A friendly welcome by a warm-hearted receptionist will enhance the experience. The same applies to courteous cleaning staff. The appearance and behaviour of the cleaners positively influence the perception of the building users.

Measuring cleaning experience

We now know the variables that influence the perception. But we also want to be able to measure the perception of the cleaning. This is more difficult because it is much more subjective than measuring the technical quality of the cleaning. But it is not impossible.

At Multi Masters Group we have developed two ways to measure the perception: Qwesteo and the digital experience survey. Qwesteo is a feedback column with which we obtain certain information from building users and visitors on the basis of specific questions.

Qwesteo is a good tool to measure experience which is one of the facilites sector trends  for 2022.

With the digital experience survey we sound out two things. On the one hand, the importance that a person attaches to something. For example: how important is a clean office to you? On the other hand, we ask how the person experiences something. For example: how clean do you think your office is?

Improving the experience

By combining the answers to these two types of questions, we know how this person experiences his/her environment. If we add the results of the quality measurements, the facility manager in consultation with the facility service provider can get to work. They can, for example, decide to adjust the cleaning programme.

However, a thorough investigation into the perception often provides much more information. Not only about the cleaning, but also about other facilities services (green care, security, pest control, catering,…). It is therefore clear that to really enhance the quality of the perception in a building, good cooperation between the different facilities departments is absolutely desirable. You notice that also in this case the choice for an IFM-partner delivers the best results.

Do you want to improve the perception of the cleaning in your building? Please contact us.

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