The impact of a facility service provider on employee motivation to work at the office

In recent years, much has changed in the way we work. One of the most striking developments is that we have increasingly been working from home instead of working in the office. It seems almost impossible to imagine that people would no longer work from home. What you can do, however, is make office-based work as pleasant as possible. A professional facility service provider like the Multi Masters Group can play a big part in this endeavour. How? You will learn it below.

A facility service provider creates a pleasant work environment

What are the needs and the expectations of your employees? The answer to this question lies in the ‘guest journey.’ Day in, day out, your employees enter your buildings and, in doing so, they make a so-called ‘guest journey,’ i.e. the itinerary followed by the visitors in your buildings, including all relevant ‘touchpoints,’ like the parking lot, the reception desk, as well as meeting rooms, coffee machines, sanitary conveniences, etc.

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Every day, your employees experience the quality of the services provided and they are therefore the best judges of said quality. Are the premises clean, well-maintained, and pleasant to be in? The guest journey charts all the above features. There is no better way to design the facility management of a building. One just needs to view matters from the perspective of your employees.

A total facility partner like the Multi Masters Group sees to it that all touchpoints in the guest journey are perfectly taken care of. Your employees prefer to work for an employer who takes good care of the green areas on the parking, has the building cleaned properly and prevents the occurrence of technical malfunctions. In other words, they want the site to be clean and safe.

A human connection through the facility services provided

A clean, safe, and well-maintained workplace can boost the motivation of your employees to come to the office (more often). The need for human contact plays a major part in this choice. Although we have been increasingly working from home since the coronavirus pandemic, we do miss the interactions at work.

In recent years, hospitality has been among the most significant trends in facility management. Thinking with the client, being friendly and polite. There needs to be a good connection between your employees and those of your facility service provider. This generates a web of human connections, motivating your personnel to come to the office more often.

Multi Masters Group has made hospitality the common thread  of our training at the MM-Academy, where we provide customized training  programmes to our masters. Thus, we work together to create a work environment where employees feel supported and valued.

Some advice to boost the motivation for working at the office

Notwithstanding its many advantages, working from home frequently will have long-term consequences for productivity in work environments. By listening to the needs of your employees, creating hospitable workplaces, and providing support services, your company can motivate your personnel to come to work at the office and like it.

Some advice:

  • Provide cozy desk chairs and create ergonomic workplaces. You may consider using adjustable desks, for instance.
  • Create functional spaces, like quiet rooms, where your employees may make phone calls or view a meeting without being disturbed.
  • Ensure that your technological systems remain up to date. Servers crashing all the time or technical installations breaking down all too often are not likely to boost employee motivation.
  • Ensure good air quality and ventilation and invest in an effective HVAC system. If the workplace is too hot in summer and too cold in winter, your personnel will prefer to work elsewhere.
  • It is easy to create pleasant surroundings, by arranging the spaces in a functional way, facilitating social interaction.
  • Choose natural light as much as possible and ensure the presence of enough plants in the workspaces. These two are real productivity boosters.

Do you need a partner who understands the facility requirements of your business?

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